Why Do You Write?

In my younger days, when I was single, I wrote to have romance in my life. I read a lot of romance, too, especially Regency romance where an arranged marriage might happen, and shifters where a life mate might not be the one you were looking at, but it’s the one you had to have. Fate was an important part of my idea of love.

To this day, my husband and I are astonished at how lucky we were to find each other. Was our love fated? Only if you believe in that sort of thing will it make sense. I did a lot of “treating”, which is a Religious Science term for directed prayer, for the perfect mate to find me or be found. Even after we found each other, there was some work to be done. So far, it’s all been worth it.

good one of us

And so, I took a brief holiday from writing, about 20 years, but the drive stayed with me. Whenever I see a graphic on Pinterest, I think, yeah, that’s it. So to save me some time this week, I present the reasons why people write. Shout out on any that apply to you.

041119 write to write

“Write to Write.” Great directions there.

041119 the need to write


The Need to Write. Because you didn’t like the way Serenity ended.

041119 hearts content

Write to your heart’s content. And the contents of your heart.

041119 shape if stories

I love the shape of stories, the arcs that define the journey.

041119 born storyteller

A born storyteller. Does that cover telling lies?

041119 madic formula

A magic formula would be awesome but this one is common knowledge, Mr. Scalzi.

041119 write honestly

Write your story as it needs to be written. I need to get more instructions from it.

041119 voices

The voices inside my head are my characters correcting my plot twists.

041119 should be writing


Apparently, I should be writing right now.

041119 word count

Okay, ankle biters! I’m done here. Back to writing. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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