After Dark: 9 Fairy Tales in New Words

Some years ago, I had fun working with other authors to put out a few anthologies that were urban fantasies based around a bar in a small town. The bartender is Cupid. After six volumes, I decided to give it up because I couldn’t deal with all the issues. I certainly was not good about dealing with various personalities if they rubbed me the wrong way. And one of my blogs about errors in self-published books caused such a backlash in the authors that I almost pulled the project then.

After a break of several years, I was asked for input on how to organize another anthology. And in the course of learning that the stories would all be retold fairy tales, my creative mind went and thought of a storyline. I did manage to make the deadlines but I certainly thought a time or two that I needed to back out. Only my experience with everyone in my own group bailing on the first volume kept me from following through.


011019 bowmans inn
The last Bowman’s Inn volume


We expected the book to be released last year, but as these things go, we couldn’t get all the author bios, dedications, end materials, links, and so on together. As time passed, one author found her writing going in a different direction than the story she submitted, so she had to pull out. I was in a fog of losing my beloved dog, Tilda, and trying to keep writing anyway. I thought the anthology went out and I missed the launch dates.

FB Roxanna 2

Then I got a private message on Scribophile, where the group had formed, asking that I look at the information they needed from me. I try to keep the racier of my writing under my pen name, Roxanna Haley. I have a separate bio for her and links to her Facebook page, but this blog is linked to both my names. I have separate Twitter accounts and if I ever manage to deal with Tumblr or Imgur, I will need to do those for both.

FB Roxanna 4


The most fun so far was talking to the lead on the project who lives in London. We used the app Zoom so that I could see her computer page and approve the graphics she had designed and made suggestions on others. I’m really happy with the results and so glad my session was one of the easiest. I am usually pretty laid back about these things.

FB Roxanna 7

So on Easter Sunday, my story will have risen from pre-order to available now. I’m excited that one of my friends has already pre-ordered it. I don’t think many realize it’s a self-pub work. It totally looks super professional.

FB Roxanna 5

You’ll see that my story is based on Rumplestiltskin, one of my least favorite fairy tales but by the time I got involved, all the good ones were gone. As I wrote Spun Gold, I came to a better understanding of the motivation behind the original tale, and discovered how universal the story was. And, I admit, I thought the After Dark anthology was going to be super steamy, so I wrote a super steamy story. Luckily, they didn’t kick me out for that. Now we wait to see if our fun and creativity pay off.

FB Roxanna 3

Thanks for reading, buy the book! I’ll be back on Sunday.

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