April Challenges

Every April, National Novel Writing Month junkies get a short reprieve in the form of Camp NaNo. They call it “An idyllic writer’s retreat smack dab in the middle of your crazy life.” You sign in and complete a writing project in one month. They throw around phrases like 100% fun and free to participants. They don’t mention how much the therapy is going to cost you when you have a stress-related breakdown.

042119 camp nano

My local chapter of Romance Writers of America also holds a writing event in April. Called the April Challenge, you can work on any project you wish. You set your own goal and have a whole month to work on it. There’s a tiny fee to sign up and you get that back in cute gifts that recognize you for starting and then if you make your goal, even better gifts. If I had put down that I wanted to write 100 words for the month, I might have had a chance.

042119 goals

So like I thought I was going to get my life together, I signed up to edit two chapters of Crazy for Trying and getting 10,000 words added in. I have half a chapter edited and 3570 words to date. That’s okay, I still have a little over a week to work on it. I’m saving the freaking out until the last day. I work best under pressure.

In the meantime, getting my house and patio cleaned and organized has become a thing. I counted the anniversary of the day my mother passed away. I lost some birds and moved some others. I also made it for 6 weeks without falling again. As usual, I was hurrying and tripped over some trash I had moved out of the cat shed. I had located all the parts of a cage I need to assemble for a bird who doesn’t want to be in with the cockatiels in the back room. I didn’t break anything, I didn’t seriously injure anything except my bird bath. As I felt myself falling, I put my hands out on the barbecue grill, forgetting it has wheels. It slid into the cement bird bath, which fell over and broke. Sheesh. At least my hands escaped injury except for my right index finger. Not sure what happened there.

042119 lucky

My challenge is to become a writer again. Sure, it’s nice to have a few clean rooms. It’s great to be rearranging the patio and yard. But I don’t want to be a housekeeper or gardener. Those ships have sailed. I am a writer, and I need to act like one. This is now my April Challenge. I vow to write every day on the work in progress and to have lots of good pages for my critique group on the 26th. I pinky swear I love to write and I will get to my stories that are hanging in the pipeline. Those characters are getting awfully impatient.

042119 dont wan to

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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