The After Dark Team

042519 all the titles

On Easter Sunday, an anthology in which I have a story was published by our group and already had some pre-orders. Our sales are going well, the biggest problem we have is all 9 authors keep clicking on the links to make sure they work. That gives Amazon incorrect data so we promise to sit on our fingers now. Hard to type that way but it doesn’t matter. I wanted to tell you a little about the rest of the stories in After Dark.

042519 too hot needs cropping

A Touch Too Hot by Polly J. Brown (inspired by Goldilocks)

What a great idea! Shapeshifters are all the rage in paranormal romance, and this sounds like an amazing idea. “The 3 Urso brothers run a danger-filled mountain adventure. The two older brothers are rough and rugged. Yet the youngest brother, gentle, funny, and so kind, might be the most dangerous of all.” Rowr!

042519 robin hood

Robin Hood, Prince of Hackers and Hearts by KC Freeman (a retelling of Robin Hood)

You might not think of Robin Hood as a fairy tale, but it has a few times been used for a modern retelling. “In Washington, D.C., Robin finds corrupt politicians and makes them pay as a hacker known only as the Lone Wolf. Meanwhile, sexy shifter and smart FBI agent Marion has a tough choice between duty and love.” Corrupt politicians? Yeah, can’t get much more modern than that.

042519 forever

Forever by RA Winter (inspired by Snow White)

Snow White is a favorite tale with me, and RA Winter is a super writer. “Forever is a paranormal romance set in a Western rodeo with a sexy Native American hero. Savannah, the young, gifted rodeo star, is in a coma. No one expects her to recover. Until the hero dreamwalks in the spirit world to find her.”

Always a Swan by Lizzie Hermanson (based on The Ugly Duckling)

“Eve spent her life in the shadow of her attractive family. A misfit, she was ignored at school and overlooked by boys and men.” Tantalizing! Reviewer said this story gave her “all the feels”.

042519 wood that would

The Wood that Would by Stella Knights (based on Pinocchio)

I wanted to grow up to be the Blue Fairy in Pinocchio. “The Wood That Would is a sexy fable set in a hilltop village in Tuscany. A sexy woodcarver meets a magic man. ”

042519 girl ni name needs cropping

The Girl with No Name by Rose Amberly (a retelling of The Little Mermaid)

“Falling in love is dangerous and no one warned her that wishes come true but NOT in the way she hoped.” As one reviewer pointed out, “Mermaids and Princes can make good matches if they sacrifice everything”.

The Goblin King by Lena Maye (based on Labyrinth)

Our story jumps off the movie Labyrinth (David Bowie as the yummy Jarrod) and twists a new bit of love into it. Also, don’t judge a book by its cover. One reviewer liked that it was all snowflakes and fireflies.

042519 anthology

Cock-A-Doodle-Do by Vivianne Sophie May (A retelling of Mother Hulda)

Here’s a new tale to me! Our reviewer said, “shame they had so many hurdles to overcome.” This Brothers Grimm tale highlights rewards for the industrious and punishment for the lazy.

From Brothers Grimm to Hans Christian Anderson to Legends of Olde, these retellings are fun and inventive. And on Friday, you can get a copy for free. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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