If You Can’t Lose It, Hide It

Decades ago I found a Cathy cartoon where she seemed to have nothing but vertical stripes in her wardrobe. She referred to it as Fat Behind Bars. That stuck with me all these years and especially when I shopped for clothes. Because looking fat is a no-no, even if you are, you know, obese.

042819 size as clothesTake for example the underwear that slims all the fat into a nice, smooth blubber. Spanx claims to be the body shapers for real women. In other words, fat women. These undies hide the bulges and make your favorite clothes look better. It says here.

So the underlayer is done. What to put over it? This article has 7 Wardrobe Staples for Full-Figured Women. Dark colors are more slenderizing, sturdy fabrics with a little stretch, avoid trends like neon yellow dresses, coverage around hips and thighs, and shapewear (This ain’t your mama’s girdle).

042819 shapeware

I much prefer the suggestions in this article, Top 20 Slim Looking Dresses for Fat Women. That’s right, it says fat! Not full-figured, not plus size. There is some satisfaction in admitting to being fat, woman or man. I don’t need special handling, I need good-looking clothes in my size. The collection here has a lot of great ideas to choose from. When my book gets picked up by a top publishing house and I have to go make speeches at conferences, I want to look worthy. Sexy. Romantic. You get the picture.

042819 wise pattern

For so much of my youth and teenage years, the only clothes that fit me were found in the Women’s section of the big stores. These styles were matronly and dark colors, really unimpressive for a child of the 60s. Lane Bryant was a huge breath of fresh air when it came along. They started in the early 1900s with maternity wear, and by 1991 were operating stores in most major cities in the US and providing trendy clothes for younger customers.

042819 plaid pants

My personal preference was for vertical stripes and large, flowing dresses. When I dropped weight in my late 20s, I began to wear more fitted styles and patterns of many types. As I have moved up and down the scale, I have continued to like clothes that made me look slimmer. A full range of motion stayed a priority.

042819 size 16

While little of the clothes I have today can be said to fit any style or preference of mine, I’m happy to have a few shirts with bare shoulders and several varied hemlines. I also have a pair of boots that are sexy just to wear. The bottom line, which we really didn’t talk about that much, ha ha, is that cutting calories, improving exercise options, and living the best life you can are the goal we all strive for. Don’t wait until flare leg pants come back into style. Go running today! (They already have? Oh.)

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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