Cinco De Star Wars

Pop culture is everywhere, tangled up in the ease of connectivity and the portability of devices. Not only is the phenomenon creating a new place to have fun but we also are able to bring forward images that we love from the past.


050519 festive cookiesI’m sure you would need to go to a very remote place to find someone who hasn’t heard of Star Wars. The great state of California has declared May the 4th as the official Star Wars Day. I’m so proud of my state. By contrast, Cinco de Mayo mostly exists and is celebrated in the United States. Just like a certain saint’s feast day in March, we have made a bigger deal about it than the people do in the country where it originated. Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day. It’s a spicy St. Patrick’s Day.

050519 mexi st pats

Reading Regency romances and Jane Austen novels, you come across holidays like Michaelmas and Candlemas. Possibly, you might encounter Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year’s Eve. These all started as holy days in the UK and have slid more into secular in modern times. And a good many of them started before Christianity. Once a big part of the British calendar, they have become blips on the holiday web page now.

050519 may the fourth

In the busy modern world, here’s an idea to consider. Why not celebrate all the holidays at the same time? Give everyone a month off, like August, and 31 different holidays can be covered then. Gifts could be given for all events except birthdays, of course. Because we can’t all be born in one month. And true, there are religious reasons for the various holidays. Actually, we should stick to the Judaic calendar since all the Christian ones are piggy—backed onto Pagan celebrations. Oh, and other cultures and countries will want to preserve their own special days.

050519 coexist


So while we continue to be divided by beliefs and lines on the map, there’s little hope for streamlining all the celebrations. But some day in the future, just you wait, the world will see the beauty of my plan. We’ll all come together to get drunk and eat too much. But we’ll all be vegetarian so it’s okay.

050519 safe bike

Thanks for reading. This blog is lovingly dedicated to Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), and Kenny Baker (R2D2). You showed us the way to the stars. And to Presidente Benito Juarez. You put the day on the holiday calendar, and we Americans love you for it. I’ll be back on Thursday.

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