Skin Care for Writers

As a group, writers can be at serious risk for a number of diseases. Since sitting is the new smoking, we need to set reminders so we get up every hour and stretch or jump rope or wrestle an alligator. But at least we aren’t getting harmful sun rays and developing skin cancer, right? Let’s take a close look at that idea.

052619 beautiful skin

When I was a kid, like a really long time ago, my family went to the beach as often as we could afford it. My mom would send us out through the neighborhood to collect glass soda bottles and then we’d turn them in for a handful of change. That was enough to get gas to go to the beach. Invariably, I would get sunburned. I have dark skin, which helped turn the burn into tan overnight. This was long before sunscreen. Zinc oxide was the only game in that town.

052619 beach

Now it turns out that exposure while an adolescent and genetics can be major factors in some skin cancers developing. My dad had some small growths sliced off his scalp and face. Time for me to be watchful. Luckily my husband takes a hand in helping me with that. And I am more careful these days about sun exposure.

052619 ok sun

I keep birds outside because the sun is so good for them. The birds indoors need calcium supplements with vitamin D added. People are the same. Many have low levels of vitamin D because we stopped worshiping the sun and now act like vampires. Be smart about the sun, but remember you need some exposure. Not only for the vitamin process but to ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). And while you are outside, pull some weeds! Walk the dog! Paint the house! Put in a pool!

052619 wrinkles

Just don’t string up a hammock and fall asleep in full sun. As you age, the sun will not be kind to your skin, but aging itself is as much to blame for the wrinkles and spots which dermatologists call photoaging. One of the best tips I ever got for removing age spots from my hands was to wear sunscreen on the back of my hands all the time.

052619 doctors

If you are at a point where the damage has been done, then get into a routine right away. If you are still young enough to not worry about dry skin yet, start now with a routine so it becomes a habit as you age. I looked for references to the best choices for skin care that was not from the makers of said products. Because they tend to be a bit biased. Paula’s Choice has a good selection of products to use, has references to the science behind it, and is generally not too blatant if they are being paid to push anything.

052619 woman full sun

In closing, I wish you a long and happy life with skin like a baby’s bottom, but not as stinky. Be careful, be happy, and be around for a long time. How else are those stories going to get written? Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

052619 baby

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