Ghosts of Stories Past

A sudden uptick of interest in my Regency trilogy has gotten me thinking more about my last book in the series. The one that is a few thousand words shy of finished. The one that wraps up all the loose ends and gets all the Curtis children married happily ever after, plus a few surprises for their father and Cooper’s aunt. Maybe it’s time to finish that, between working on Crazy for Trying and all the blogs and Facebook pages.

My Scribophile group, Writers Who Love Romance, attracts new people fairly frequently. I haven’t put anything there for review in more than a year, so sometimes I get questions about where they can find my writing. In particular, a young woman asked about Regency Banquet, Entree — Pure Captivation. As I will do for anyone interested, hint hint, I sent her the ePub version and will keep her updated on the progress on the last book.062719 couple


At this same time, a friend came home on her yearly visit from Israel. We had dinner with her and her parents, who have always been supporters of my writing career. They mentioned that they had bought my Regencies, back when I first published them on Amazon, but due to technical circumstances (their tech-savvy daughter had emigrated to Israel), they were unable to read them.



062719 ellen
My muse for Ellen Curtis



So I sent them the ePub versions to their daughter and she will manage to get the stories loaded on their readers or computers, whatever works. I have a fan base of four now! Actually, there are a few more from when I first wrote the books, but they have faded away. Tired of waiting, I would suppose.

david cooper
My muse for Cooper


I know that once I open that story up again, that last book in the trilogy, I will need to apply all the knowledge I have gained since I walked away from the plot. I actually know I need to streamline and juggle the plot, I have too much going on. The Whys need to be answered in a way that makes the story work better.

Here’s the overview: A widower lives in London with his two sons, twins, and his daughter. They are rich and haven’t a worry in the world. Except that the daughter, Ellen, wants to be treated like her brothers. She blackmails them into taking her to a gentleman’s club so she can see what that is like. They get back at her by actually taking her to a certain house where ladies are allowed, as long as they don’t wear too much. Ellen is dressed like a young boy and sits fuming in a corner when her brothers go off with their lightskirts of choice.


062719 whites
White’s men’s club in London


The second book opens with the brothers, Roland, the eldest, and Bernard making a deal so Roland can join the army and go off to fight. Their father has been set against this because Roland is his heir, but Roland thinks it won’t matter as long as one of them is still there. Bernard agrees to pretend to be his brother. Luckily their sister has gotten married and no longer lives at home because she could always tell them apart. Roland takes only a year to realize war is nothing like he thought it would be.

062719 wedding couple

The final book opens with Bernard getting news of Roland’s death. To say he is devastated is putting it mildly. He sinks into numbness while around him everyone thinks he’s lost his twin, Bernard. Well, it’s complicated. Soon after, Bernard sees that his cousin Amelia loves Roland and thinks that’s him. He has fallen in love with her. Will she still love him when she knows the truth? Should he tell them before or after the funeral?





022516 Roland
Parker Hurley, my muse for the Curtis Twins.

Ah, it is a lot of fun to write that family. I guess I better find time to get to it so I don’t disappoint all four of my fans. Maybe the second Tuesday of each month if it’s not a full moon. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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