Why Facebook?

I’m a busy woman who isn’t getting any younger or thinner or well-rested. My house is a disaster, my birds are longing for more attention, my dog needs more walks, and I have stuff to do for a bunch of groups in which I participate. So why do I spend so much time on Facebook? Wouldn’t I rather be marching for immigrants’ rights or vacuuming the living room again?

Not so long ago, all writers were advised to have a blog and an author page on Facebook. We were told to build our audience there. Facebook was where we would find fans and Twitter was like the office water cooler. We would find fellow writers and mentors there. And editors and publishers and agents. Now, we hear that taking a break from Facebook, in fact from all media, is the way to go.

071819 facebook logo

If you have decided this is the right thing for you, this Consumer Reports article can tell you how to get off Facebook, temporarily or permanently. There are more articles talking about a week off and kicking the addiction. Dude, I can quit at any time. I’m having too much fun to stop now.

There are six (6) Facebook pages to which I post every day. There are a handful more that are there to share information and that I post to occasionally. On all of them, I get to have fun in one area of life that I really enjoy. I post jokes and dream house photos and puppies.

071819 dog community

Let’s start with the puppies. When I adopted Tilda in 2015, I took her around to a bunch of dog parks in the area. Sometimes only the two of us got to enjoy the sunshine and gophers. So I started a dog park community page for my area. I soon realized Tilda just wasn’t into that scene. We said goodbye to Tilda too soon, a year ago this month. But we found Astrid a month later. Turns out she’s too badly behaved to go to most dog parks. I guess I couldn’t get a normal dog.

071819 wwlr

Over on Scribophile, I have a thriving group of writers who love romance. The group is called, oddly enough, Writers Who Love Romance. And I thought it would be totally awesome to have a Facebook group for all of us. It’s been fun, I get to post jokes about writers and writing, I get to find tips and resources for writers, and I get to post industry news and book quotes.

071819 bowmans

Back in the dawn of time, I started an anthology called The Bowman’s Inn. It’s a universe I love and plan to, someday, write a few more stories about. In the city of Anteros, Cupid is a bartender. Instead of arrows, he uses magic potions to bring people together. To promote the books, I started the Bowman’s Inn Facebook page. Because Cupid had a relationship with bees, I use the page to promote the insects who keep our crops growing. I post unusual cars because wouldn’t he love to drive fast if he no longer had his wings? And I post jokes that are particularly about relationships with a weird element.

071819 weight to go

Some years back, I found a weight loss program that worked for me. I lost 70 pounds in 5 months. I hit a plateau and could not get another pound off. I did this with the support of a free group called Weigh to Go, led by a certified nutritionist. Another member of the group and I started the Weigh to Go Facebook page. When my husband was laid off of his job, we couldn’t afford the program meals any longer, but I’ve continued to be active in the group and keep the page updated daily. I post weight loss jokes, exercise tips, and positive thoughts to keep us going. I’m never giving up completely on slimming down but I will carefully study and find a plan that will always be affordable.

071819 DL Hungerford

Obviously, I started a page for my author names, DL Hungerford and Roxanna Haley. I use these pages to promote any writing that I publish and to have some fun. Roxanna has a Monday Travel by Imagination that is about to end. My unnamed characters have traveled to every country around the world. I post new releases and wedding fun photos. DL posts good looking guys with their pets and Friday firemen. These two pages also get my writing blogs posted there. And all of it gets out on Twitter.

Wow. I’m exhausted and I haven’t gotten to the pages and things I oversee for clubs and events. Well, let me nap and I’ll get back to this someday. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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