Have you heard that term? How was it being used? I can’t believe how many times I have heard it recently since I began watching dog rescue videos on YouTube. One vet uses it to mean he’s going to wash the rescued animal and especially clean out any open wounds. Wikipedia thinks it means getting into hot water, then into cold water, then back to warm. Also, there’s the use of whirlpools and spas. Well, here’s what Hydrotherapy for Writers is like.


072819 think i looked like
What I think I look like when swimming


A few days ago, I met with my critique group. We meet early and have lots of fruit, crackers, and cheese to munch on. Coffee is served or tea, and sparkling waters. Each writer (there are 5 of us) reads about 2500 words while we follow along with our own copies and make notes. Then we each have 3 minutes to give feedback. It’s wonderful, the group is very sensitive, and each of us has a different strength.


Halloween at Leslies house
MIssing Robyn from the group. No, we don’t dress like this every time.


Then came the Hydrotherapy. The home where we meet has a pool. We all brought swimsuits. We changed and got into the pool while our hostess made raspberry lemonade drinks with some kind of sparkling wine in it. We had all the leftovers from the morning session to nibble on and then the Pina Coladas. Oh my goodness!

072819 poolside drinks

The temps have been up in the 90s here, with the 100 plus waiting for the next two months. I live without air conditioning and don’t have a pool. So this was an amazing chance to relax and chat with my favorite ladies. We also took some time to look at our stories and work out things that hadn’t come up in the critique session but that we could see ahead. It’s much like magic.

072819 soaking

I’m pretty sure the reason I have gained weight and been so miserable lately has to do with the fact that I stopped going to the swimming pool 3 or 4 times a week. It won’t be easy to find that time in my crazy life, but chances are good that if one or more of the ladies in the writing group decides to join me there, I will make the time happen.


072819 really looked like
What I really look like when swimming


One reason I had stopped was that my dog has such bad separation anxiety. But she’s on better meds and I’m hoping she will learn that I will only be gone a little over an hour. By the way, I did try to get her to swim, with the hostess’s permission, but she absolutely was against the idea. I think I should have put her in a floating chair. Or maybe not.

072819 swim dog

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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