Writers Need Laptops!

When you finish your manuscript and it’s been looked over by all the appropriate people and edited, you need to start sending it out. And of course to get to this point you probably used your desktop computer. A 21.5-inch monitor so you can see everything clearly. An awesome keyboard that lets you type ergonomically. A stand/sit desk for flexibility. And a CP that has all this stuff. The tower even says Aspire on it.

Now you need to take a smaller computer with you wherever you go, in case you get that email from the editor/publisher/agent saying, we love it! Here’s a million-dollar advance. (Psych! Most authors are lucky to get a measly 2 thousand) Before you purchase your laptop or notebook, you need to pick out the bag you want to carry it around in. By the way, the trend to stop calling them laptops started when people’s laps caught fire when the battery got hot. Because in the heat of the love scenes, you think the heat on your lap has a different cause.

101019 old computer

Do you like the messenger bag look? The high schooler backpack look? The business person briefcase look? The person with disabilities bag on wheels look? The vintage I’m using my dad’s laptop bag look? My personal favorite is the I’m a Lady of Quality bag look. I know it’s hard to make these decisions but until you know what bag you will be using, you can’t imagine the right notebook.

101019 vintage bag

I’m going with a rolling laptop bag because, at writers’ conferences, it’s better for my back and shoulders. It can fit a 17.3-inch device so let me see what my options there could be. I like the looks of the LG Gram 17” Lightweight. Even if my bag has wheels, I still need to lift it out then put it back a few times. Lenovo has an Ideapad 330 17.3 Laptop Notebook. And HP is pushing its 2019 Newest 17.3” BrightView Notebook. This blog lists the best laptops for writers in 2019 and details what you need and why. Like RAM and Keyboard and such.

101019 mac portable

Note that I am not looking at Apple products because I am not looking at Apple products, ever. Feel free to write your own list of the best of those things. You can even post it in the comments. I promise not to point and laugh or even roll my eyes virtually.


Now we have a bag, a laptop, and a sizable monthly payment for it. All we need to do at this point is to write that amazing novel or a couple of short stories and rake in the dough. Nothing the billing department likes more than croissants. Ha! So if the problem is that you need the money before buying the items, you may need to borrow a laptop from some very close and personal friend who won’t read your files and steal your ideas. Good luck!

101019 ibm

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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