Mod Bod

Mod is an abbreviation for either modular or modern. I grew up in the age of the Mod Squad but also modular housing and furniture. Lately, I’ve had dreams where I could pull out part of my body and shape it into anything I wanted. Firmer boobs, bigger butt, smaller waist, and get rid of the double chins. All of these options are available through modern surgery, but cost way more than just pulling and pushing flesh around.

These days, people can have many body parts replaced. Teeth, hearts, kidneys, skin, faces, bones, hips, knees, liver, pancreas, intestines, thymus, and cornea, to name a few. One that I keep thinking about is the fecal transplant that has helped some people lose weight. However, a person also died from that process. More testing is needed.

102719 surgery

Surgeons are able to staple your stomach, or use a gastric sleeve, or put a sponge in to make you feel fuller. I’ve known many people who have had these bariatric procedures and have gone back to their old habits soon enough. I treasure one friend who has kept her weight off for decades now. Her determination has been a shining example.

102719 medication

Such surgeries can have wonderful side effects such as lowering blood pressure, causing the remission of diabetes type 2, and getting patients off all those medications which have long term side effects themselves. When the weight comes back, however, these diseases and meds return as well. And psychologically, those who drop their weight seemingly overnight will get grilled by friends and family on how did you do that? If they told people about their upcoming surgery, no doubt well-meaning people will ask, are you sure you should be eating that? Judgment will pour in from many places.

102719 overdose

The opioid crisis, too, might come in to play. This is a pretty invasive surgery and pain killers will be prescribed. Which could lead to switching addictions. Help me, Mr. Wizard! Scariest of all is the high rate of suicide among surgery patients. When you have pinned all your hopes of a normal life on this process, and you see the weight returning, depression might be the mildest consequence, pushing you into a dark place.

102719 blood check

Writers sit and type a lot. The reason all writers should have dogs is to get us up and away from the computer or whatever for a few hours a day. We also need to spend a little time writing to medical insurance companies. We should lobby for coverage of medically supervised weight-loss diets. For coverage of gym memberships or yoga or tai chi classes. For some counseling no matter which plan you follow. NOOM is doing very well for many people because included in their program is counseling. Every issue that comes up, you can discuss with someone who has learned you and knows the path you should take. Probably.

102719 measure sandwich

I’ve dieted. It’s not fun. I walk every day for 30 minutes or so. Some days I can’t. I go to a pool and swim. So far, only one day a week. But I can do that many more times a week. I am stuck waiting around for the magic bullet weight loss cure that is out there somewhere. Is it Plenity? Is it one of the new drugs in the works? Is it going to be on time to help this aging person? I certainly hope so. Meanwhile, with NaNoWriMo just ahead, I’m glad my dog needs walking no matter what.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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