Ergonomics Part 1.5

Hold the phone! If that hurts, get a headset. But what I really mean is, look at this chair! The Backstrong C1 by All33, a design company that you can learn all about at the link above. Now I expected this thing to go for a couple thousand, but $800 and $700 depending on the materials you choose is the price. Dude!

Okay, so I saw this a couple days ago and wanted to share it here. I am not getting paid to endorse it, not affiliated so you can click and not worry about overpaying me. Go look at the list of celebrities who like and trust this chair. Who could not trust Danny Glover?

011620 bad posture

Tuesday at my nutrition class, Certified Nutritionist Kim Ruby shared a quiz from AARP Magazine that tests how well you know your body. I did okay, but the neat thing about the quiz is that after you get the correct answer, you get tips on how to make the situation better. (Hint: Use a moisturizer all over.)

011620 ouch

Plus a very cool ergonomic graphic from Dr. Oz that not only shows what you are doing wrong in your obsolete chair but the horrible diseases and conditions that your slouch is causing. Shame on you! (Just kidding, you do what you need to do while you save up for the Backstrong C1.) Compressing your abdomen can restrict blood flow to your digestive tract, slowing the movement of nutrients and causing you to feel hungry when you aren’t, really. Sitting with constant pressure on your butt can allow cancers to settle there and cause you lots of pain and agony. Make sure you stand up every 30 minutes, do some stretches, and be aware of tingling in your feet and hands that signal a need for an extra bout of exercise. I couldn’t find the same graphic online, but this one also has good information.

011620 sitting on the moon

If you have little chance of getting a Backstrong C1 soon enough to help your health, try a standing desk. They are very cool and if you can’t afford one, elevate your laptop or desktop with handy things you have around the home or office. A milk crate, an empty donut box, a sleeping pet, bricks, books, anything that will create a stable surface closer to your face when you stand.

As you see in the graphic at Ergobuyer, a sitting desk should bring the top of the monitor even with your eyes. Because it’s less stressful to tilt your head down than crank it up all day. Compressing the spine where your head meets it can cause headaches and lots of other bad stuff. As I said last time, your legs and arms need to be in line, making an L shape. So nice that they agree with me.

011620 slumped

Next week, unless I stumble across the best computer monitor ever, I will wrap this up with more on monitors, lighting, phones, and implements that make the writing life easier. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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