Ergo Wrap-up

Oh, doesn’t that sound like a warm, lavender-scented blanket that you crawl into after typing all day? Relaxes all your aches and pains and stiff joints. For a limited time, you can get the Ergo Wrap-up in any color or pattern you wish, because they totally don’t exist and you have to make them up in your head. But you’re a writer so it’s easy. Well, back to our topic.

012320 stretch

The first part of this subject covered basic chairs, desks, keyboards, footrests, and standing desks, which work for some people. Adjustable to stand or sit is the best idea. Then in part 1.5, I got sidetracked by an amazing chair. Sorry about that. So now we need to cover monitors, lighting, phones, and other details.

012320 monitor and more

Sit in your chair as you normally do and reach toward your monitor. Touch the point where your eyes go if you look straight ahead. If your hand went past the monitor, you’re sitting too close to it. If your hand didn’t reach it, you’re too far away. Your fingers should just touch the monitor at the top or within a couple inches of it. Check it out, it’s much easier and more comfortable to bend your neck down to look at something than to crank it back to look up.

Body in Chair 001
This is the graphic I couldn’t find for the first blog

Lighting can be tricky. One of the pictures I used in the first part shows a smiling man at a desk next to a bunch of windows. The day outside is bright and clear. I bet he goes home with headaches all the time. Glare on the monitor from windows causes eye strain. There are devices you can get that prevent glare and also prevent blue light from damaging your retinas. Of course, most of us need some light on the desk, and we usually have in mind what we like. But the Dyson Lightcycle lamp is programmed to give you optimum lighting and comfort, according to your age, the task at hand, and can even be programmed to your sleep cycle. I’m gonna need twenty.

012320 woman writing at computer desk

Speaking of eye strain, be sure to stop ever 30 minutes and focus on the distance for 20 seconds. Your eyes need to change focal points occasionally or the muscles will be unhappy. If you forget and start to feel the pain, try this. Cup your hands over your eye sockets until you lose all color sense. When you see only black, your eyes will relax more and relieve tension. Some versions of this show the palm placed so that it touches the eyeball. I think that’s a bad thing to do, but then, I’m not a doctor. I don’t even play one on TV. And this article agrees with me. I like the candle exercise!

012320 cupping

Phones are often supplied by whomever you work for, so hopefully, you can move it to within an easy reaching distance and beg for a headset. But if you work at home and use your cell phone, here’s an amazing Bluetooth headphone set that doesn’t go on your head! But neckphone doesn’t sound right.

012320 facing PC

Printers should be within a short distance so you can reach them, but if you share a printer with people in the office, you can use the time to stand up and get your prints as an excuse to do some stretching and exercise. Pens, pencils, letter openers, staplers, staple remover, and reference books should also be close by, based on which ones you use most often. Be sure to get an ergonomic staple remover!

012320 special setup

Hooray! That’s the last you will hear from me on ergonomics until the next time I write about it. Keep on writing, and check your posture so you can continue to write for a very long time. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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