Celebrity Casting

Most writers do this, especially in the Romance field. We need to perfectly describe the main characters, consistently, time and time again. A friend of mine, Cynthia Diamond, who writes a fantasy series called Wyrd Love, has a Hot Guy Thursday on Facebook every week. She likes the actor from The Witcher, Joey Batey. She cast him as her Trickster, Galen.

My back burner Regency, The Viscount’s Mouse, featured Brad Pitt as the hero. And my muse for the heroine was a model from Pinterest. I chose an amazing model and lifestyle presenter, Parker Hurley, to be both twins in my Regency Banquet series. The women were basically all models, no big names. But that’s not always the case.

I fell in love with blue eyes, hunky David Gandy when a writer friend used him to base her hero on in a hot Romance, Crazy, Beautiful Lies by Kathryn James. And I have no idea where she got her muse for her heroine. Hmmm. I begin to see a pattern here. Let’s face it, most of us write hetero romance so we are looking for inspiration from a manly man. We can sketch the girl in later.

020220 twins

I made the mistake of using a photo from Pinterest for my muse in The Bowman’s Inn anthologies. I have never found another photo or even the name of this Greek god. And the first Regency Banquet novella dealt with the daughter of the family. I found a good photo of her and as I said, can fill in her details easily. But her romantic lead, David Cooper, came from another anonymous photo. I want to see more, see him smiling, sleeping, unhappy.

Valentine Archer0802015 mandy

So I totally understand why some writers stick to actors and actresses of whom they can find a wealth of visual inspirations. It’s not always possible to find the right choice to cast any characters. My husband and I often cast the characters out of books we both read, like all the Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. I must say I am a little disappointed in the casting for the television series. But I felt the same way when Outlander premiered and Jamie Fraser seemed off. Now I have grown accustomed to his face. Their choice for Claire Randall was spot on.

020220 cooper

Because I hate to be excluding anyone, sometimes I post a muse of a beautiful woman on my Facebook pages. And it’s not as if I can’t appreciate someone of my own sex as a sexy person. I also love to use photos of men kissing and women cuddling and lots of options that are out there. Everyone has their own tastes and everyone needs to be included in the Romance world.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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