Declutter Your World

Does your writing work area look like the picture on the right or the left? I’m certainly on the right, and it goes on under the desk, in the hutch on the back of the desk, on to the floor, over the dog, out to the kitchen, the bedroom, and the yard. I can’t do it all. But getting rid of clutter is a great place to start, especially for writers who aren’t pulling in $52K a year yet. I just pulled that number out of the pile of bills marked Urgent. Ha! It’s past due. Might as well throw it away. (Just kidding)

020620 mail

Clutter in your house and life can make losing weight difficult. Did you know there was a connection? A messy house is stressful. When you are stressed, your body wants pizza and a brownie and a few glasses of wine. You can’t sit down to write when there is so much to do, but you are overwhelmed by the immense scope of what needs to be done. Have another brownie.

Stress steps into the natural process of burning fat and calls a halt to the proper state of things. Stress increases the amount of betatrophin, an enzyme- blocking a protein that reduces the amount of fat you burn. In turn, you store that unburned fat in your belly, where it becomes a smoking gun for heart issues, strokes, diabetes, and other cardiovascular risks.

020620 stack of boxes
I’m going to get to that

You look at your stuff around you and you are comforted. Or you are saved from an imagined future of lack because you are prepared with stuff. Or, like me, you are lazy and will get to that pile over there as soon as you finish this game of solitaire. A messy workspace can kill creativity. This is the story of my life.

I have to say that I am not so much lazy as a procrastinator. It’s a fine line but it’s there. So now we know there is a connection with not being organized and overeating, under-exercising, and poor health. How do we fix it?

020620 newspaper
I just need to cut out a few articles

I’m pretty much on top of keeping my kitchen clean-ish because my husband needs certain things done daily so he can go to work. I have thoroughly wiped down counters now and then, but need to do it again. The floor gets swept and mopped when I can’t stand it anymore. But this article from Prevention Magazine suggests starting with the refrigerator. Good idea, especially if you live alone. I, on the other hand, would be in big trouble if I discarded my husband’s high fat and sodium cheeses. But yes, I could get rid of some things and stock more vegetables. I have lettuce and broccoli for the birds. I think they might share.

020620 shopaholic
I made room for more!

My New Year’s plan, because I don’t do resolutions, is to declutter the house and garage, organize the yards, and make huge donations of usable stuff to Goodwill. And to finish the damn book. I can’t wait to get to that point. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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