Virtual Writing Groups

You may have heard me speaking about various online groups like Scribophile and the National Novel Writing Month various activities. I love the heck out of these because when the unexpected happened, I still had connections to my writing friends. I started sprinting for 30 minutes twice every day. I’m almost half way to my goal of 10K words for April. Lots of good things have come to me from these great connections.

My bird club had a board meeting last weekend, which would not have been possible without Zoom. We got to see each other, discuss everyone’s personal situations, and make plans for the future. My weekly nutrition group is talking about similar online meetings, but Zoom only allowed us 40 minutes for the free version. I’m looking into something better for everyone.

me and my golden ticket
At a bird club meeting 2018

Wednesday would have been the day I drop the dog off at her daycare, then gone to the local coffee shop to write with the “girls” (Rich Amooi is officially an honorary girl) for three to four hours. We all have gaping wounds in our souls where that meeting took place. Today we managed to put a little bandage over it. The bandage has Micky Mouse on it, too!

Early meeting in 2018

Using the Discord app, we now have our own chat room. We jumped in there today about an hour after we usually would be at the coffee shop. We chatted for an hour, catching up on all the things we haven’t done and feel bad about. And all the comfort food we rely on. And the stoopid rain and the weeds and so on. Then we sprinted for two sessions of 30 minutes each.

I needed to look at a map of London in 1805 or thereabouts, so my first 30 minutes produced nothing for word count. But then the second sprint brought in 511 words, making my month total 4693 words. My April Challenge goal through the local Romance Writers of America chapter is 10,000 so I am almost there.

Last Christmas

I’m lucky that this quarantine has not brought much in the way of change to my life, the hardest being not getting to see the people I love in person. (Our power just went out as the local power company works on a house connection that reported problems. I have about 2 hours of battery on the laptop) My payoff for this sacrifice is in knowing they are safe, healthy, and available to talk over the phone, by text, through chat, and by using various internet applications. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

The group is expanding

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