This Could Happen to Anyone

I have finished the rough draft of my much worked on novel, Crazy for Trying. Now it will be set up for critiques and then edited to within an inch of its life. I will finish my long delayed last book in the Regency Banquet series, Dessert: Pure Elation. It, too, will get sent out for critiques and then edited. Then eventually I will have Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) and I will need to find willing beta readers. One group who likes Romantic Suspense, and one that likes very hot Regency romances.

It’s been years since I finished a novel and self published it. That’s the fate of the Regency romance. But the Contemporary suspense was requested by a publisher and sent back with very good suggestions and request that I send it back when I had made the changes. It has a very good chance of being traditionally published.

SOON, all this will be available!

I will need a street team, fans to help market the books, if they like them, and swag to send out as thank you gifts. I need synopses for each book, I need blurbs, I need people to dedicate them to, I need to relax and get closer to the time when these become crucial. I work best under pressure.

041620 typewriter

At a past Romance Writers of America local chapter meeting, I jotted down a blurb that I really like. In my usual organized way, I can’t find it to share. So here is something relatively similar. “Valerie Harding can’t let go of the guilt surrounding the deaths of her husband and child. When Adam Dorset, an acquaintance from her school days, walks back into her life, he brings laughter and the idea of being loved again with him. Then his past creates danger every day, as the man who framed Adam tries to keep them from revealing the truth. Can Valerie help Adam solve the crime before the madman kills them both?” My inspirations for Valerie and Adam are pictured below.

122817 valerie041918 adam

Yeah, it needs work, but at least you get the idea here. And for Regency Banquet: Dessert — Pure Elation, something a bit less blatant. “Bernard Curtis finds that switching places with his twin brother has fallen in shards around his head. Roland died in the war and will never come back again. Leaving Bernard to explain to his father and relatives that he is not, in fact, Roland Curtis. The only person who seems to be listening to him is his bothersome cousin, Amelia Winter. And when did she become such an attractive young lady? Bernard fights his way through deceptions, blackmail, kidnapping, and wandering in the sewers under London before he has a chance for peace and a proposal to the woman he loves.”  My Inspiration for Amelia and Bernard are below.


Now that’s more like it. Without revealing much of the plot, all the elements are there and you know there will be a happily ever after. Thanks for the platform where I can sort these things out. The synopses will be harder, but that can wait for now. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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