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Ah, yes, having wished for all the time in the world to read my favorite books, I have luckily not just broken my glasses when the Stay Inside order hit. I happily geared up books I have wanted to read for ages and pretty much had at them. I tried to read John Dies at the End by David Wong, but it didn’t hook me before I won a copy of another book I wanted to read. Let’s get started, shall we?


Siren Song by Cynthia Diamond

032220 sirens song

I won a copy of this book by whining, mostly. Cindy’s a good person to know and granted my wish to read the first book in her Wyrd Love series. I’m hooked! Without giving too much away, I love dragons who try to live in the human world inconspicuously. I wasn’t too sure what exactly a siren was as I had always associated that with mermaids. But this works, and the story is fun and hot. And book two has a werewolf running around. Can’t wait!

Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon

041920 remnant population

The worst thing about this book is that I can’t go live in that world. I want so bad to know Ofelia and live on her world and convince her I am not one of the stupid people who will bother her and tell her what to do. On a planet that took every ounce of strength and resiliency for the colonist to make habitable, the company that brought them there loses their contract. Ofelia makes her own choices and ends up being the perfect emissary for First Contact with the planet natives. Love it so much! Will probably indulge in rereading it again soon.

14 by Peter Clines

041920 14


The best thing about this book is that I don’t live in that world. Yikes! I have a feeling many of you have already discovered this great universe and maybe read the two sequels. I suggested it to a friend who likes this sort of thing, and she asked if it was horror, suspense, or thriller. I explained that it’s a thriller wrapped in suspense and tied up with horror. It has everything. Nate is really a good character and perfect for the ending. Zeek more than anyone made me appreciate that I am valued for my intelligence. Smart girl, indeed. If you live in an older building in the outskirts of Los Angeles, especially if it’s a national landmark, you might want to skip this book. Nightmares Guaranteed.

Touch of Frost by S.E.Smith

041920 touch of frost

This book proves that if you put a half-naked man with muscles on the cover, I’ll buy it. After the string of amazing books above, this mess had me rolling my eyes and throwing a paperback across the room. I keep it near my reading chair just for this purpose, since I can’t throw my phone. Poorly edited, poorly structured, as far as plot, and if it had been any longer I would not have finished it. The sex scenes were pretty hot, but if Magic, New Mexico is a place where werewolves and witches and vampires can live without being persecuted and without drawing attention, they certainly get involved in a lot of crap that would expose the whole place.

I knew when one of the rescued dogs was shot and another kept morphing and changing size that I shouldn’t even have bothered. Doesn’t anyone know the “Save the Cat” rules?

  • ########

I haven’t listened to audio books all month, because my husband has been doing the driving and he has a playlist on his phone that syncs right into the radios in both of our vehicles.

On the other hand, we have watched a movie almost every night. I’m not going into detail with these, merely making a few comments.


041920 sean of the dead

Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy: Sean of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and World’s End. Sean of the Dead is responsible for the meme that starts, Take the car, and ends with and wait for this to blow over. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are super together and the stories are over the top fun.

041920 hobbit

The Hobbit Trilogy: Beautiful scenery, familiar story, and just enough changes to keep the viewer on their toes. Oddly enough, we decided to skip the Lord of the Rings Trilogy after this. Too much beautiful scenery in one sitting.


Zombieland: Woody Harrleson’s best. I haven’t seen Double Tap yet, can’t wait. This reminds me vaguely of the Road movies with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. But only in a warped, side-view way.


Deadpool 1 & 2: The complete collection for now. The humor in these films have been high and mighty from the first credits to the end cut scene. I love Leslie Uggams.

Sherlock Holmes 1 & 2: Robert Downey, Jr., Jude Law, enough said.

041920 kingsmen

Kingsmen 1 & 2: Colin Firth and Mark Strong. Also enough said. British secret service. It’s good, try it!

suicide squad

Suicide Squad: I need all of you people who told me this was a horrible movie to raise your hands and take your punishments. I loved this movie! I love Will Smith, so that’s one. Margot Robbie is da bomb, so that ‘s two, and the Enchantress is the stuff of nightmares, so that’s two and a half. Great tension, great story, surprise ending, Jared Leto not as bad as advertised.


CHAPPiE: Yo!Lande and Ninja with an intelligent robot. Enough said.

love you to death

I Love You to Death: Based on a true story, Kevin Kline and Tracy Ulman have a great time with this fun fun crime story.

sky captain

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: I imagine the producers of this film were thrilled when they snagged Gwyneth Paltrow for the role of Polly Perkins. And maybe her awful acting didn’t even bother them. When she covers up the scientist and says in a monotone, “He’s dead.” I knew she had phoned this one in. Oh, well. Had I been the Sky Captain (dreamy Jude Law) I would have accidentally thrown that stupid camera out of the plane. Lots of people like it for the amazing 1930s serial-effect used and the story itself. I can’t even.

space 1999

Space 1999: I never got into this series as a teenager and after watching 5 episodes, I see why. Actors who can’t really act. Cheesy props and sets. And a plot to provoke laughter. Christopher Lee, the great horror actor, guest starred in an episode. He basically walked around being tall and playing with odd objects supposed to be the controls of the ship. Nonetheless, that one had a great ending.

porko rosso

Porco Rosso: Any Studio Ghibli film can be bring a smile to my face. I love this one. Especially. I want to live at his hideout.


Hook: It would take the brilliance of Robin Williams to play a man who has forgotten he was Peter Pan in another life. It took the brilliance of Dustin Hoffman to portray the villain who is the center of the story. Well done, everyone!

john cleese

The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It: If you like cheesy British comedy and spy movies, you will love John Cleese’s send up of the same. Especially interesting were the spoofs of all the television and movie detectives and sleuths. Sort of a Murder by Death style of thing.

Thanks for reading, if you are still there. I’ll be back on Thursday.

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