Clutter Butt

I’m not ready to show off my desk yet. This is a big job that is taking a lot time and energy just to think about. I have been keeping the kitchen clean, doing yard work out front, and going through boxes and piles of paper in the meantime. I requested another trash bin from the local disposal company. Throwing out way more than usual these days.

Seriously, there are some good parts to being locked down, as long as you are not sick and no one you care about is sick. I have almost made my living room look presentable. I cleaned 3 out of 5 shelves in my pantry. I’m very close to cleaning out the lower cabinets that I don’t use much and don’t look into unless I have to. Which means, almost everything in there can be thrown away! Don’t use it, don’t need it.

010220 goal chart
In case you missed it the first time

Last Sunday, I blogged about coffee and tea mugs with amusing sayings on them. This was partly inspired by taking all the cups we have and putting them on our living room shelves. We used to have people over regularly. It made sense then to have different cups so everyone could tell which one was theirs. Otherwise, Mike and I have dedicated cups for coffee, clear glass double walled, and for tea, advertising one of our favorite restaurants on our way back from the bird farm. Memories!

In some ways this is spilling over into my writing. After feeling deeply sorry for myself when I didn’t final in the Great Beginnings contest, I asked my critique circle to look at the judges’ sheets. I suspected the results were way off from each other. Turns out, the writers I love best in the world told me to quit whining (very politely however) and pointed out that all three judges wanted to see more of the story and told me to keep going. So I trashed my attitude and looked at the suggestions.

050720 not my desk
Not my desk

I’ll be blogging about the various things that were suggested over the coming weeks. I’m looking at Deep Point of View, trying to understand it better. I have tried some of the things that make a story Deep, but some readers don’t get it. They like dialog tags and when I put a character’s thoughts into the exposition, they want to have it italicized. I believe that’s been due to my needing to sharpen my skill and make the whole story deep.

050720 not my yard
Soon. my yard will look nothing like this.

I’ve been a pantser because when I start a novel, the whole story unfolds in my mind. But now, following my 7th first draft of this book, I see I need more infrastructure to bring it together. So I’m writing up Character Sheets on all the people who live in Surrey Ridge. I’m hedging my bets by listing their nationality as Californian. Anyway, following the character sheet process, I’ll attempt to make it all Deep. There will be so much hack and slashing. But I will get through this and be a better person for it.

050720 woman with boxes

I hope you may have found something useful in this post. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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