May Quarantine Tweet What You Read and Watch

Whoa! Think how much yard work I could get done if I spent the time I do watching movies pulling weeds. Something about the quarantine creates a lethargy that prevents us from leaping to action, so I feel lucky that I have gotten as much done as I have. Here’s the list of books and movies, not audio books this time because I am not driving around much at all.


Guardian by AJ Messenger

052420 guardian

Pretty hot love story considering they were not allowed to do so much as kiss from the beginning. The heroine is a teenager, but wow, she sure has issues with trusting the best thing to come into her life. And he wants her, too. But then there’s the stuff about being an angel and fighting the devil and past lives. So it’s complicated. Unfortunately part of the next book was included at the end of this one, and apparently our girl goes right back to not trusting her man. I had hoped to get a story about other characters in the first book, but looks like I won’t be getting the next one.

Good Luck with That by Kristan Higgins

052420 good luck

I love this book. Anyone with body issues will love this book. I am still haunted, occasionally, by the saddest subplot ever, but the thing is, I seem to be a lighthouse. I was with my mom when she died from complications of diabetes. I’ve had to increase my medications almost every year. I’m at the top of the list for vulnerable to COVID-19, and I read books like this one about turning lives around. All these experiences seem to wash over me without changing anything in my self. I need a cook and a personal trainer. Why am I like this? Oh, well, read the book. It’s amazing.

Robby Riverton: Mail Order Bride by Eli Easton

052420 robby riverton

I love this book! There’s a lot of that going around. A wonderful historical M/M romance set in the old west on a farm with a pretty funny family who are amazed to find a high society East Coast lady living with them. The plot only gets better, and the ending is super satisfying. Great sex scenes, too. Took weeks before I could look at butter without giggling.

Stoneskin by KB Spangler

052420 stoneskin

I loved this book, but I don’t recommend you read it. Because it is obviously ready for a sequel, and none has been written. For like, decades now! A great story of fantasy and friendship, family and betrayal. Coming of age while learning to use amazing powers is always one of my favorite stories.

The Alaska Escape by KB Spangler

052420 alaska escape


Yes, this is by the same author of Stoneskin and this is one of the reasons no sequels have been written to the former. She’s so busy with the web comic, A Girl and her Fed, plus all the spin-off books from that and a lot of other projects going on. No breath holding here. But this was a fun read, as most Josh Glassmann stories.

Exit Strategy by Martha Wells

052420 exit strategy

I love the Murderbot series. I managed to forget about this one until the next one came out, so I read them back to back. This was fun, exciting, engaging, and reunited SecUnit with her beloved Dr. Menseh.

Network Effect by Martha Wells

052420 network effect

Speaking of reuniting, SecUnit is sucked into a place where she meets ART again. She meets his crew by the end of the story, and she melts down when she thinks he’s been deleted for good. This one is my favorite of all time, until the next one which should be a lot of fun, too.

The Pysicians of Vilnoc by Lois McMaster Bujold

052420 vilnoc

Whee! Another Penric novella! I love everything Ms. Bujold has ever written. I had a hard time getting started with this because it’s all about trying to stop an epidemic. People died all over and there was no saying how the infection spread. Going along for the ride with Pen and Des, his wonderful demon, and discovering the truth about the blue witch made it all worth while.


I forgot to include The Life of Brian and Galaxy Quest in last month’s movies. Both are classics and I love them very much.

My Stepmother is an Alien

052420 stepmother alien

Such a funny movie as long as you suspend disbelieve more than ever before.

Titan AE

052420 tital ae

I love animated films, this one is a decent adventure and visually interesting. Also the greatest line ever: An intelligent guard. I didn’t see that one coming.

The Dark Knight

052420 dark night

It sucks on body count, but Heath Leger is the best Joker imho. Who cares about the Batman, but Christian Bale is lovely to look at.


052420 looper

Time travel and crime, a kid caught in the crazy world of mutants, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing a surprise ending. Love it.

Mrs. Henderson Presents

052420 ms henderson

Dame Judi Dench decides to buy a theater after the death of her husband. Life carries on around her and she makes the best of things. A period piece with lovely costumes and occasionally no costumes. Another one high on my list of favorites.

French Kiss

052420 french kiss

Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan strolling through France and turning a heist into a great love story.


052420 yellowbeard

Monty Python alums on a pirate ship, plus a lovely lady and a rather silly aristocrat. What else so you need? Silly but enjoyable.

Evil Dead 2

052420 evil dead 2

You know when something is so gory it’s funny? Yup. Bruce Campbell is so flat out dancing through the horribleness, thus making it shine.

Red 2

052420 red2

We watched RED recently so chose RED 2 and if you don’t love Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, and the best of all, John Malkovich, you are not human. This is better, in my opinion, than RED because the very best character in the group shows up sooner. A lovely adventure.

House of Dark Shadows

052420 house of dark shadows

When I was in high school, I hurried home each afternoon at 3 to catch Dark Shadows on TV, and was all fan girly when this movie hit the theaters. Jonathan Frid acted his heart out in this one, and swept all the ladies off their feet. Simple times when vampires were basic.


052420 rango

Another animated film about a chameleon voiced by Johnny Depp. The art work is kicky and the story makes a lot sense. High on my list.

Fantastic Planet

052420 fantastic planet

Uhm. French science fiction. Not much of an ending after a long and tedious opening. Will watch if I have to. Or if I have forgotten the plot.

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle

052420 ms parker

Dorothy Parker makes me laugh and cry and wish I had lived in New York during the twenties. I have read her biographies and the movie is pretty close. I have also read Harpo Marx’s biographies and autobiographies, and the places they crossed over amazes me. One of the best movies out there.


052420 airplane


Now for some silliness. A spoof to answer all those horrible disaster movies back when. The great Leslie Nielsen and the rest of the cast. The sexual jokes make it all worth while.

District 9

052420 district 9

Star Trek often showcased racial and other social issues in the setting of the future and a different planet. Likewise, District 9 highlights the slums and segregation in South Africa through aliens who are somehow stranded on Earth. Prejudice is high as are tensions. The ending is amazing and I wish there was a sequel set three years later.

The Iron Giant

052420 iron giant

A cool kid, his own giant robot, lovers, and a very evil bad guy. What’s not to like? Except why couldn’t the main character have been a little girl?

All 5 Prates of the Caribbean movies

052420 pirates

Love the series, especially On Stranger Tides, and have to admit the last one, Dead Man’s Chest, wasn’t written as well as the others. But I would probably watch Johnny Depp clean out his pantry for hours on end.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

052420 bram stokers dracula

This is a romance. A very touching, Romeo and Juliet ending romance. Plus Keanu Reeves, Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins, and all the suitors. Nice visuals.

Bullet Proof Monk

052420 bullet proof monk

I enjoy this movie, even if it’s less believable than Kill Bill. The prophecies are so much fun. If you like martial arts, you’ll like this one. Probably.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

052420 buffy

I know, I live in a closet because I have never seen the Buffy tv series. I hope to get a chance to do that soon. Nonetheless I enjoy the movie and Luke Perry is actually pretty attractive in it.

What We Do in the Shadows

052420 do in the shadows

NOT the TV show! OMG. If you love vampires, if you like mocumentaries, if you can’t get enough of Taika Waititi, you have to watch this movie. Find it right away and watch it. The premise is vampire flatmates. And with any luck, there may be a werewolf sequel some day.


052420 hugo

The little waif who is making his own way in the walls of the train station ends up helping to restore the life work of an early cinematographer. Meanwhile, you have so much fun following him around the clockwork and evading the station inspector.

2001: A Space Odyssey

052420 2001

I loved the book. Stanley Kubrick destroyed the film. The artsy bits cause people to lose track of the story. Luckily, 2010 showed up to explain it all. Looking forward to more films based on the amazing Arthur C. Clark’s books.

I’m afraid to count up how many hours that burned up. I did fold towels and sort papers during some of the movies, but once you get hooked, you are off and away. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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