WordPress Hates Me

I do many things on WordPress blog sites. Back when I was a writer and hobby bird breeder, I couldn’t imagine writing about writing. I didn’t know very much about it. So I started a blog called In Loco Parrotus, a play on the term In Loco Parantis, in place of parents. I began this blog February of 2013, posting twice a week on Sundays and Thursdays. I didn’t care if anyone read it, I wrote about my flock and had fun with it.

Charlie, blue Indian Ringneck

When I joined RWA for the second time, I learned how important a blog could be to a writer. With my bird blog, I have 40 followers. Starting A Novel Approach, in August of 2013, I stayed with WordPress and to the schedule of twice a week. There are currently 571 followers, and I love each and every one of you! Thank you.

My avatar for You Suck at Craigslist

Various projects came and went. The Happy Author’s Guild was a joint venture started in July of 2014, to allow new writers whom I met on Scribophile a chance to blog without committing to a regular schedule every week. We rotated turns to post and had 184 followers when we finally stopped posting. As writers got busier, they had less time to write a blog post. It was fun while it lasted.

Also the anthology series, The Bowman’s Inn, had a blog on my WordPress account. The authors involved in the anthology were asked to post a blog in turn, starting in March of 2017. We didn’t get that blog going very well, and it ground to a halt with only 3 followers. I loved doing the anthology, but I was in a bad place emotionally and alienated several of the authors.

Mentally Well(ish) is a great blog by a good friend, Leslie Ferguson. She can’t really commit to a schedule of postings, so she does what she can when she can, and I am happy to let her have a spot in my account for that.

Writers Who Love Romance

Now we come to the part that WordPress hates. My long-time attachment to a humor blog called You Suck at Craigslist morphed into a gathering of the very best glowy-box friends I could ever have found. We have so many in-jokes and almost a religion, so when it came time for the original posters to retire and get back to real life, a wave of depression went through me. I’m sure I was not alone, but I was one of the few people who had the time to start my own similar blog with the Llama-Nun and Ostremu (don’t ask, long story)’s permission.

WTF Sparkyville

I used WordPress because I am most familiar with it. But I kept it separate from my other blogs. I used a different email, a paid account instead of all free, and a different email. WordPress can’t tell my writing me from my sarcastic me. I avoided this by keeping Welcome To Fabulous Sparkyville running on Firefox on my laptop, and the other blogs on Chrome on my laptop. Years have gone by and my laptop is gasping its last breaths. I moved all my important things to the desktop computer.

I’m thinking you already know where this is going. When I log in to Sparkyville, my writing blogs don’t recognize me as the owner there. When I log in to my other blogs, Sparkyville says New Blog, Who Dis? I’m thinking I need to send a strongly worded letter at some time. Let my blogs go! How do I get to log in to them all without blurring the lines of the subject matter? Stay tuned, this adventure is about to begin.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

One thought on “WordPress Hates Me

  1. I have similar issues, as I have 3 blogs, one related to my side hustle, one personal blog, and one that’s dedicated to my avocation They have been kept separate on my desktop computer by using different browsers for the most part. Now, I have gotten better at Logging out as one persona and then logging in with a different one. This is fine for posting. But this really doesn’t work for reading the blogs I follow, as I have a hard time keeping up and changing browsers. I’d love to hear any solution you come up with!

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