The End of a Novel Approach

Not long ago, I was in a difficult situation where I needed to find this blog and I didn’t have a link. So I Googled A Novel Approach. Dude! I got so many hits that were not what I was looking for. Luckily I could get to Facebook and I remembered I post the link to the blog there twice a week. Saved!

Does that mean I picked an overused name for the blog? I thought it was clever at the time I started but perhaps the time has come to rename it. I am puzzled and confused. I don’t know in which direction to go. Or am I overthinking this?

Lots of my author friends have great names for their blogs. Leslie Ferguson, author of When I Was Her Daughter (one of the best memoirs you will ever read) calls hers Mentally Wellish. My online friend Kathryn L. James doesn’t really have a blog title, but her tag line is perfect: Sexy. Intense. Wicked. Romance Stories. (You have to read Crazy Beautiful Lies right now!)

Another of my online friends (yes, I live inside the glowy box), Janet “AJ” Reid, has a very pretty web page with the tag line, And they lived happily ever after. Lillian Corrigan calls her blog Bricks and Sticks Novel. Louise Redmann calls her blog Unpenned. These last two authors were active in my Scribophile group some time ago, and I miss them.

Much as I love them, this blog is not about dogs.

I certainly want to avoid things like these blog names. Sure, they’re okay on the loading page, but the url has no clues as to where to separate the words. Yikes. Better to use generators like Wordoid or Panabee. Don’t think this name generator is going to do me any good. I used the words Writer and Romance, and got suggestions like RomanceGarnish (uh, no) and WriterPlayground.

This blog is about people.

This list of 33 quirky blog names made me chuckle, plus there’s a list of 10 Creative Ways to Name a Blog. Plus more stuff farther down. I am dragging this blog out because I know as soon as I post it, I will remember the name of the blog one of my past writer friends had that always made me smile. Maybe Write66 would be a good name? Or The Age of Forgetfulness. One of my tag lines is Experiences of a Late Blooming Writer. But that’s too many words according to all the help pages.

Before I give up entirely and start calling this TheBlog: Resistance is Fertile, I am asking all of you readers to take a few seconds of you day and send me a suggestion. Anything that occurs to you. Please be kind. And thanks for reading. I’ll be back on Sunday.

4 thoughts on “The End of a Novel Approach

  1. I love Experiences of a Late Blooming Writer! It highlights your time and experiences that these young “whippersnappers”cannot begin to understand or express! Celebrate the fact that you have survived long enough to gain perspective and common sense. 🤪

      1. First off, thanks for the plug, my friend!!! I like something having to do with blooming and writer…what about The Blooming Novelist or Writer in Bloom (Romance in Bloom)? Hmmm…I’ll keep thinking. Meanwhile, I still miss you 😘

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