The Royal Whee

Royalties are part of being a published author. If you are lucky, you will get tons of money rolling in and be set to write for years to come. Out of the novella, novel, and various short stories, I have more debt than income. Sadly, being in the red means that the other authors in the anthologies might move to Outer Mongolia before seeing much in the way of royalties. Continue reading “The Royal Whee”

Word of the Month

Welcome to August. I am starting a new recurring theme for the the first Thursday every month. I will prattle on about a word, then try to use it in every other post for the month. Does that sound plausible?

adjective PLAW-zuh-bul


1 : seemingly fair, reasonable, or valuable but often not so

2 : superficially pleasing or persuasive

3 : appearing worthy of belief Continue reading “Word of the Month”

Millstones to Milestones

Maintaining a healthy weight is in part a mind game. Sadly, my mind doesn’t want to play. All the self-talk in the world has yet to convince me that I don’t need to eat what I want when I want to. The best I have at the moment is left over from doing Medifast some years ago. My capacity to eat in one sitting has diminished. I take smaller portions at home and have left overs at restaurants. Continue reading “Millstones to Milestones”

Rejections Bring You One Step Closer to Acceptance

My long story about my novel, Crazy for Trying, began at NaNoWriMo 2017. I managed to write 50,000 words in 30 days amid holiday celebrations, putting on a literary event, becoming so sick I wanted to be anesthetized, and because I am retired, not getting any sick days. In other words, I still have to take care of the pets, plan dinner if not cook it, shop, do laundry, and try to write. How I managed it was to write needless prologs and epilogs to get my word count up there without having to brain very much.

072717 grateful

Continue reading “Rejections Bring You One Step Closer to Acceptance”

Building Character

No matter what you have been told, authors rarely start working on a character from a story with a blank slate. There is always some bit to start with. Maybe gender, because you write F/F or M/M, is predetermined. Maybe you like writing about Vikings or Highlanders. Maybe Billionaires are your sweet spot. And maybe a strong woman in a scary situation is the main part of your story. Continue reading “Building Character”