Writers Need Newsletters

Do you subscribe to any newsletters from your favorite authors? Do you subscribe to some because you wanted to get free books or forms? I hope you take the time to read those bits of love from a very busy person. Getting books out for publication isn’t easy, and a newsletter helps authors stay in touch with fans. Continue reading “Writers Need Newsletters”

Some Progress Was Made

When last we talked about the disaster that is my writing desk and the joy of decluttering, I had a long way to go to even see the top of the table. Since then, I have organized 3 out of 5 shelves in my pantry, sorted my socks drawer, and paid to have someone pull weeds in my front yard. I’ve come to grips with cleaning my toilets every week and doing my laundry regularly. I have not been a slacker. Continue reading “Some Progress Was Made”

Health at Your Fingertips

As a writer, I know I need to use my hands when I write. If I am typing, if I am writing by hand, possibly even when using a voice to text app to start. Therefore, health for your hands is vital. I have a growing issue with one finger that wants to fold and stay that way. I’ve had tendonitis for a few decades now, and usually keep it under control. Arthritis is new to me. Continue reading “Health at Your Fingertips”

Tough Times

Through my local chapter of Romance Writers of America, I had the opportunity to listen to Georgie Lee, an author of many books and in general a wonderful person. Her topic was If Life Sucks But You Still Have a Deadline. I am not going to recreate her talk here because I hope all of you will look for opportunities to listen to Georgie yourself. It’s worth the time and effort to find her and listen. (Although her web page hasn’t updated her workshop schedule since 2018, a note to her will probably give you current information)

062120 georgie

Continue reading “Tough Times”

Directed By

If you read my Tweet What You Read blogs, you know I have been watching a lot of movies lately. It’s not surprising that I began to imagine my Work in Progress as it would be under different directors. Along with wondering who they would cast as the leading, this can keep me busy for days. NOTE: I sincerely apologize to anyone offended by my imagined films below. Please do let me know what offends you in the comments, so that I can learn from my mistakes. Continue reading “Directed By”

Tweet What You Read and Watched for June 2020

I have had to juggle around through some books, as I started one that was part two of a series and didn’t make much sense on its own. Then I started one that sounded good but was so poorly written, I just couldn’t go on. And so on. But I do have a few to review and lots of movies. LOTS of movies. Let’s jump in! Continue reading “Tweet What You Read and Watched for June 2020”

Writers Need Media Followers

As a writer, I blog, I tweet, and I post on Facebook regularly. I have 200 followers on Twitter, but that’s more about politics right now. I have 450 followers on WordPress for my writing blog. I have 68 followers on my Roxanna Haley FB page and 14 on my D.L. Hungerford page. That page I recently had to shut down the original one because Facebook was making changes to their scheduling codes without telling anyone. I started this one but not many people caught that I was switching pages. I think I can merge them now, so I will see if that brings my numbers up. Continue reading “Writers Need Media Followers”

Keeping the Writer’s World Real

Are you writing contemporary Romance novels? If so, you may be tempted to put in the COVID-10 Pandemic. Or the racial issues and the riots and looting. You may be tempted to mention the unemployment and the crashing economy. Unless these issues are very important to your plot, and can be integrated into a character’s make-up,please, don’t. You want your story to be timeless, not weighed down with current events. Continue reading “Keeping the Writer’s World Real”

More Action, Less Talk

This originally was the title of my monthly blog on getting rid of clutter in a Writer’s Work Space. However, I cannot ignore the conflict and pain in the country I have always loved and thought of as better than other countries. Perhaps I am growing up mentally and I feel more of what others are going through. Or maybe it’s gotten to be a bigger load than I can carry. Continue reading “More Action, Less Talk”