Zoom Horror Stories

Most people have adapted to taking meetings over Zoom since people can’t get together at the moment. And some of us have has experiences that we would rather forget ever happened. Sometimes the experience is one that will never be removed from memory until the invention of brain bleach. So buckle your seat belts and keep your computer in an upright position.

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Stop Using Fluff Words

For many decades, the world of content writing has been completely anti-fluff and filler. In such a setting, it makes perfect sense, don’t expect to be paid by the word if half of the words could be cut out without damage to the article. But how do you apply fluff bans to fiction?

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Writers Need Inspiration

Picture this: A bestselling multimillionaire Romance writer, obviously not me, finishes the book tour for her or his latest blockbuster, has packed off the next book in the series to her editor, and has a week to submit a pitch for another novel. She sits on the sun-drenched balcony of her La Jolla villa, paper and pen at hand, and sips her tea. And the ideas she has had off and on for a month will not come back to her. What does she do?

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Swap Circles and Contests

I do write erotica and Romances with high heat levels, but that has nothing to do with the swap circles I’m talking about here. I’m talking about when you get a story written, critiques, and nearly ready for publication. You want a handful of people to read it as if they had picked it off a shelf in the store. You want them to tell you if the story works, if the pace is good, and if they got lost along the way. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

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Why am I Writing?

These days I have to ask myself, am I more committed to my rescued parrots and other birds, to my health, to keeping the house clean, or to writing. I suppose there is a chance where all of these things balance perfectly, 25% of my time to each aspect. However, birds do not care if I have a deadline ahead. They want their cage cleaned, their water fresh, and their food something new and exciting that they have never had before. My health is tied to prescriptions and those run out at the strangest times. The house has been ignored for so long, I might as well keep ignoring. And writing requires a relaxed mind, a bunch of hours with no ticking clock, and a behind that isn’t hurting from being in the chair so long.

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Dear Magical Winter Wish Granter

I find it interesting that many cultures celebrate, usually in the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the coming of a mystical, magical, fabulous character that usually grants wishes but sometimes only arrives to show bad kids why it’s wrong to be evil. Can you detect the hand of parents in these ideas? It’s so obvious, no wonder kids grow up and lose the belief in all that magic.

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Christmas Eve

Like many people and families this year, Christmas Eve is not going to be a big event. We didn’t have money for presents, and that’s not really a problem. We love each other more every day. We share love for our dog and our parrots, for friends, family, and neighbors. We got a very tiny tree and lots of cards from across the land. We’ll drink egg nog tonight and maybe go look at light displays around town.

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Tweet What You Read for December

Two things prevented me from reading as much as I would have liked. The first was National Novel Writing Month, which I did not complete but will set to it again next year. And being in a beta swap to get my third Regency Banquet novel self published. The first novel to be read was hard to stay involved with but the writer didn’t speak English until he moved here. Considering that, he did a good job. Anyway, that is my excuse and I guess I didn’t really need to explain.

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Facebook, Twitter, Text vs. Literary Writing

My local chapter of Romance Writers of America recently hosted a Zoom workshop with the very personable and fun author, Eva Leigh. She mentioned as an off hand comment that people write differently on Social Media or in texts than you would in a novel manuscript. That’s mostly true, but I am of the opinion that it will change soon. And Romance will lead the way.

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