Intimate Meetings

In the past, my local chapter of Romance Writers of America’s meetings were attended by enough members to fill six round tables, which is about 48 people. This last Saturday, I walked into the meeting room and could not believe there were only three tables. As ripples spread out from the major implosion of the national organization, people have made up their minds to shed all connections to RWA. Continue reading “Intimate Meetings”

February Tweet What You Read

Is it a good thing that I have been reading less and writing more? Also doing more cleaning, more bird care, and walking the dog on longer paths. When I sit down to read, I fall asleep. I don’t eat, but I don’t burn calories. Well, let’s look at the Read Shelf, shall we? Continue reading “February Tweet What You Read”

RWA Update, Kind Of

In spite of the resignations from the governing board and a new interim president appointed, Romance Writers of America continues to experience a flood of resignations. More local chapters are getting to the point where they have too few members to create a board and conduct business. The board and volunteers of the New York City Chapter submitted resignations effective March 2020. Las Vegas chapter dissolved early in the controversy. Continue reading “RWA Update, Kind Of”

Declutter Your World

Does your writing work area look like the picture on the right or the left? I’m certainly on the right, and it goes on under the desk, in the hutch on the back of the desk, on to the floor, over the dog, out to the kitchen, the bedroom, and the yard. I can’t do it all. But getting rid of clutter is a great place to start, especially for writers who aren’t pulling in $52K a year yet. I just pulled that number out of the pile of bills marked Urgent. Ha! It’s past due. Might as well throw it away. (Just kidding) Continue reading “Declutter Your World”

Celebrity Casting

Most writers do this, especially in the Romance field. We need to perfectly describe the main characters, consistently, time and time again. A friend of mine, Cynthia Diamond, who writes a fantasy series called Wyrd Love, has a Hot Guy Thursday on Facebook every week. She likes the actor from The Witcher, Joey Batey. She cast him as her Trickster, Galen. Continue reading “Celebrity Casting”

How I Became a Writer

In Loving Memory of Steve Stockbarger, July 7, 1953 — December 2, 2019

I started out writing horrible fanfic in high school. My best friend there was hooked on the TV series, Garrison’s Gorillas. The series was off the air, but I read the comic book and all the regular books and talked to Diana about it all the time. We also loved Rat Patrol and Combat. And any movie about World War II. So then I started writing. Diana was a year ahead of me in school, so when she graduated, I had no more motivation to write. Continue reading “How I Became a Writer”