Lost in the Publishing

Stephen King is quoted as saying his first published work went into a fanzine (my experiences with fanzines were in the Star Trek universe). The publisher gave it a title, In a Half-World of Terror, but Mr. King preferred the title he gave it; I Was a Teen-Age Graverobber. To quote the author, Super duper! Pow! Continue reading “Lost in the Publishing”


How Much Description is Needed?

Writers know that adjectives and adverbs make for weak writing. How do you say The store sold the best watches without describing why these watches are so great? And what else is the store selling? Where is this store and why is it important to our main character? Okay, fasten your seat belts, there’s a lot to learn here. Continue reading “How Much Description is Needed?”


Having a birthday on a holiday is pretty rough for kids. One family member has a birthday in early January, two others are on December 26 and 28. They would get one large present for both birthday and Christmas. One had never had a birthday party until his wife threw one for him. People are busy enough around that time without the intrusion of another gift-buying occasion. Continue reading “Birthdays”

September Word of the Month

Words, words, words! Put them in order and you can work miracles. Leave them laying about and you can cause lots of problems. It’s all a matter of organization. Planning and preparing. Perspective and knowledge. Finding the right nouns, verbs, and a sprinkling of adjectives because, dude, those are weak words. You want a strong sentence, especially at the beginning of your story. Make exactly the right choice. Choice! There’s a word with a few meanings! Continue reading “September Word of the Month”

My RWA Notes from July National Conference

I love the way that sounds like I actually went to the conference. But actually, my local chapter of Romance Writers of America has a recap meeting every August. It’s almost like going there but cheaper and better food. Maybe. This year we did something different as far as where the meeting was held, and it worked out well enough that we may do it every year. The selling point was the air conditioning. Welcome to Southern California in August. Continue reading “My RWA Notes from July National Conference”

Writers Need Notebooks

One side benefit of a husband who collects pens is that he took a short detour into the world of making paper. He learned which paper is best for which types of pens and ink. Not too absorbent, not too slick, looking for the Goldilocks Just Right paper. He would find lots of little notebooks online for a few dollars and buy more than he needed. Darn. I had to help him and take them off his hands. A dirty job but someone had to do it. Continue reading “Writers Need Notebooks”