Writing Pleasures

Lately, I have struggled to get back to my Work in Progress, known as Crazy for Trying. Little did I know when I picked that title that I would be living that. But the thing is, I should have done some brainstorming with fellow writers before I wrote so much. They would have told me what was wrong with the whole darn thing. Continue reading “Writing Pleasures”


The Second Half of Laurie Schnebly Campbell: From Plot to Finish

I failed to mention that Laurie Schnebly Campbell gives workshops regularly. When you sign up for one or attend one at a convention or club meeting, you get dandy worksheets with which to play and craft your story. Continue reading “The Second Half of Laurie Schnebly Campbell: From Plot to Finish”

How I Arrived at Sparkyville

I currently post a humor blog called Welcome to Fabulous Sparkyville. Or WTF Sparkyville. I started this blog to fill a gaping hole in my universe. And while it might not have a huge following or make any money for me, I don’t plan to stop doing it any time soon. There’s a bit of history connected with the blog that keeps me in touch with an online family. Let me tell you all about it. Continue reading “How I Arrived at Sparkyville”

Plotting via Motivation

Laurie Schnebly Campbell’s second Romance Novel beat out Nora Roberts for Best Special Edition of the Year. After writing six books, she had enough inquiries about her method that she began holding workshops and teaching groups of Romance Writers. Soon after that, she realized she loved teaching as much as writing and began a whole new phase of her career.

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Continue reading “Plotting via Motivation”