Bio Hazard

Have you ever been hit with the reality that as a writer, your fans want to know you? Yikes! Do you want to tell all to these readers? Do they need to know your mom collects Russian language books? Just how much do you need to say in a book bio? Continue reading “Bio Hazard”


Everyone Makes Mistakes

Focusing this month on Character Development, because the editor who wants to see my manuscript again wants the characters to have more depth. Sunday I shared that life is all about learning. Today, we’ll look at the mistakes people make along the way. More importantly, we will look at how people react to making mistakes. Continue reading “Everyone Makes Mistakes”

Two-drawer File Brain

Writers can be driven insane by all the story ideas that pop up when they are working on something completely else. While I struggle to bend my contemporary romantic thriller into line, my brain kept pulling up details of a rough sketch for the sequel. I took notes, I found stuff on Pinterest, I talked about it on my Facebook pages and tried to get back to the main story. Continue reading “Two-drawer File Brain”