April Challenge

At the end of last month, I signed up to write ten thousand words on the third book in my Regency trilogy, Regency Banquet: Dessert, Pure Elation before the end of April. Turns out I didn’t have that much more to write. On Monday, the 20th, I wrote The End and then asked the organizer of the contest if I could continue for the last 500 or so words by working on a new project. She said that would be fine. Continue reading “April Challenge”

Ergonomics Part 1.5

Hold the phone! If that hurts, get a headset. But what I really mean is, look at this chair! The Backstrong C1 by All33, a design company that you can learn all about at the link above. Now I expected this thing to go for a couple thousand, but $800 and $700 depending on the materials you choose is the price. Dude! Continue reading “Ergonomics Part 1.5”

Let’s Build a World

NaNoWriMo has me typing my fingers off, so you are getting repeats. The story I talk about here is the one I am writing for my NaNo project! Enjoy! — DLH

If you have been to a Build-A-Bear workshop, you know about the details that go in to creating something using available materials. You bring a basic plan then you add options that work for you. World Building is much like that. Continue reading “Let’s Build a World”

Island Girls: European Women in the Colonial Caribbean

Movies show a very narrow slice of history. At the end of Shakespeare in Love, Gwyneth Paltrow’s cross-dressing heroine ends up on an island in a loveless marriage. So I went to look for European women in the Colonial Caribbean. And found out that time and place could have been occupied by men only.

Continue reading “Island Girls: European Women in the Colonial Caribbean”

Merry and Bright

Despite the title, this is not a cheerful holiday post. If you have been on this planet for a couple decades or more, you probably realize that creative people often have a demon called Depression in their make-up. We don’t wish for it, we don’t like it, and some days we can ignore it and go about our business. Other days, there’s nothing else in our brains. Continue reading “Merry and Bright”