Let’s Build a World

If you have been to a Build-A-Bear workshop, you know about the details that go in to creating something using available materials. You bring a basic plan then you add options that work for you. World Building is much like that. Continue reading “Let’s Build a World”


Cover Reveal and Romantic Conversation

I am so excited to be able to announce the next volume in the Bowman’s Inn Anthology. Spring – Summer 2017 will be available on April 30th, but you can pre-order it starting April 20th. This is the second to the last volume that we will be publishing like this, then we will go to a whole new way of writing anthologies.  Continue reading “Cover Reveal and Romantic Conversation”

Merry and Bright

Despite the title, this is not a cheerful holiday post. If you have been on this planet for a couple decades or more, you probably realize that creative people often have a demon called Depression in their make-up. We don’t wish for it, we don’t like it, and some days we can ignore it and go about our business. Other days, there’s nothing else in our brains. Continue reading “Merry and Bright”

Anne Rice and Christopher Rice, continued.

As I said last time, the benefits of membership in Romance Writers of America include meeting some of the most amazing and talented writers in the business today. Anne Rice and her son Christopher are working on a lot of exciting projects like bringing The Vampire Chronicles to television. After they answered questions that were submitted ahead of the event, the audience was allowed to ask questions. Continue reading “Anne Rice and Christopher Rice, continued.”