My Daily Word Count

Starting on April 1, 2017, I will post my daily word count here. Keep me honest, folks! Check here occasionally and make sure I do as I said I would. Thanks!



July 4, 2017

I missed the April Count by a few days. Sigh. But I am through the worst of it and into a great start for July. I wrote 763 words yesterday and 463 today. I plan to keep posting daily word counts, so keep watching! #amwriting

070417 word count calendar


Saturday, July 8 — Word Count Up by 1000 words for a total of 2226.

Thursday, July 13 — Word Count Managed 1240 words today for a total of 3476. Go, me!

Friday, July 14 — Word Count 644 for a total of 4120. Not bad.

Monday, July 17 — Word Count 103. Oh, well. Total 4223

Wednesday, July 19 — Word Count 583. Total 5151. Another week, and it should all come together.

Thursday, August 3 — I’m about to wrap up the story so I should have more words to count today. But Since I last posted a word count, I have written 2,812 actual words. The total rignt now is 7,963. Stay tuned!

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