My Work

If you would like to read my published works, you may follow these links to find them:
Regency Banquet — Appetizer: Pure Seduction
Ellen Curtis chafes at the limits of Regency society and customs. Her brothers have no such restrictions in where they can go or what they can do. She disguises herself as a boy and goes on an outing with them. The last thing she expected was to fall in love.

The Bowman’s Inn anthologies
Spring Book 1
“Another Shot”
Mandy Boone is reminded of past mistakes when her “husband” shows up at her thriving business. Her sexy bartender steps in to help her out of the legal complications, and finds the best way to heal her bruised heart.
Summer Book 2
“Tempting Fate” as Roxanna Haley
Doesn’t everyone want to be a matchmaker? Val’s record is pretty good, but he makes it look easy. Mandy decides to bring a couple together, despite Cupid’s warning that these two might not be right for each other.
“A Beautiful Day” as D.L. Hungerford
Charlene wants to meet her true love; in the meantime she’s just enjoying a beautiful day. Will being taken hostage in a bank robbery spoil her day? Nate hopes not.

Autumn Book 3
“J’hari and the East Wind” as Roxanna Haley
Collecting costume foliage in the ancient woods of Anteros, J’hari and Cole encounter one of Val’s relatives, who wants to make J’hari his personal nymph. Meanwhile at the pub, a power outage puts everyone on edge, besides wiping out the new order taking system.
“The Nature of Love” as D.L. Hungerford
Nate is the perfect match for Char, but he seems restless. She thinks he wants to break up with her. He’s trying to think of a good way to tell her that he’s a werewolf. He loves her enough to dress up as The Big, Bad Wolf to her Little Red Riding Hood for the costume party at the Bowman’s Inn.

Winter Book 4
“Time Passages” as Roxanna Haley
Snowed in with no business to take care of, Mandy asks Val to tell her about a past life. He remembers a life in Ireland, centuries ago, when things didn’t work out exactly as he wished. Val tells Mandy an edited version of what would have happened if he’d been on time.