All I Want This Winter Holiday

I’m of an age where material things are only slightly interesting as gifts. I pretty much can buy anything I need myself. But I still manage to have a long list of things I want as soon as possible. Not available in any stores, sadly, these are things I need to work on myself. Continue reading “All I Want This Winter Holiday”


Holiday Books

One of the best things about the end of the year is all the wonderful holiday books that are available. Honestly, I should have started collecting them in October. Then I could have picked up some other types besides Christmas. Just this time, I’m going to be ethnocentric. Continue reading “Holiday Books”

Extend the Leash on Your Muse

Writers are often given the ability to write from some source they can’t exactly put their finger on. When asked where they get their ideas, many will call on their Muse as the source of their inspiration. Recently, a fellow writer said in an off-handed way something about extending the leash on their muse. And I thought, hmm. Okay, maybe I didn’t exactly let those sounds run through my brain. But what if I am stuck in my early Muse ideas and need to set my Muse free? Continue reading “Extend the Leash on Your Muse”

Car Badges and Pennants

What image do you use for your social media representation? Is it an object you identify with? A photo of yourself? Maybe your pet or family. Many of your friends recognize you by that picture. Currently I have my dog Astrid sleeping in her Santa bed as my “avitar” or avi on Scribophile, and a cute picture of her on a rock at the lake as my “Profile” picture on Facebook. And I have others in other places. So I am not easy to identify outside of one place or another.

112018 dog on a rock

Continue reading “Car Badges and Pennants”

December Word of the Month

Are you sick of carols and candy and snowmen yet? Well, hang in there, you have a few more weeks to go. If you lived back in the day, Christmas would last until January 7th, the 12th day after the supposed birth of Christ, and that was the time for giving gifts. I say supposed because science has shown the shepherds didn’t sleep in the snow with the sheep in winter. Everyone was indoors at that time of year. Spring was the time when the lambs were born and the guardians of the flock went on overtime. Continue reading “December Word of the Month”

Romance Writers of America, Literacy, and Catherine Bybee

I’m a sucker for a drawing opportunity. My bird club has monthly drawings which explains why I have so many birds, and my local chapter of RWA has a drawing once a year. This year, I was able to purchase more tickets than ever before and I won three times. Considering how many people were there (the room was filled to capacity), you will understand why I am impressed. I’ve been lucky to win once or twice in the past. Continue reading “Romance Writers of America, Literacy, and Catherine Bybee”