What I Didn’t Do on My Summer Vacation

I only remember once having to write the dreaded Summer Vacation essay in grade school. My mom had worked as a housekeeper for the family of another student in my class. I talked all about hanging around her house while she ignored me or played mean tricks on me. Yeah, that was fun. Continue reading “What I Didn’t Do on My Summer Vacation”


Sweet Ideas

Given a choice between a chicken enchilada and a tiny cake ball, I would opt for the cake ball. Really. Knowing that the enchilada will fill me up, give me protein, fiber, and taste good, most likely, I would still go for the small cake that would screw with my blood sugar, give me a stomach burn, and leave me hungry in minutes. I wouldn’t be overweight if I could easily make good food decisions. Continue reading “Sweet Ideas”


Overnight, the beautiful city of Charlottesville, Virginia, became synonymous with Nazi hate vs Liberal agendas. In order to get a complete idea of how that happened, one needs to know the history of the place. And for the record, nothing justifies the kind of violence we are seeing everyday in this country, and especially in this particular event. Continue reading “Charlottesville”

The Royal Whee

Royalties are part of being a published author. If you are lucky, you will get tons of money rolling in and be set to write for years to come. Out of the novella, novel, and various short stories, I have more debt than income. Sadly, being in the red means that the other authors in the anthologies might move to Outer Mongolia before seeing much in the way of royalties. Continue reading “The Royal Whee”