My Parents Thesis

Are you laughing? Okay, good. Because talking about parents can be a very touchy subject. People I have known were given up at birth for adoption. Many lost their parents due to suicide. Another category watched one or both parents suffer from a disease that we should have found a cure for by now. Accidents, estrangements, other medical issues, all have claimed the lives of other parents. I lost my mother to complications of diabetes twenty some years ago. My father passed away from being old last year. Since then, I have had to think about my characters and their parents. Continue reading “My Parents Thesis”


Miracle Morning for Writers: A Review

I often have a miracle morning on the weekends, but I don’t think that’s exactly what this particular help book is about. The Miracle Morning for Writers (place long subtitle here) by Hal Elrod and Steve Scott looks at a process of planning your day ahead of time, especially your morning, to optimize the use of your time. It’s a pretty cool idea. Continue reading “Miracle Morning for Writers: A Review”

Satisfying Endings

I just finished listening to Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. I’m sad because it was the last remaining Austen book that I had not read or listened to all the way through. Although I could re-read or listen to Sanditon as I don’t know it by heart yet. I loved the usual points about Jane’s writing, the humor and the confusion, the comic characters who don’t know their own reputations, much like Shakespeare created. But my favorite thing was the Satisfying Ending. (TM) Continue reading “Satisfying Endings”

Pardon Me, Your Brain Appears to be Storming

Step into the Way Back machine for a moment, if you please. There are some steps I would like to show you to explain how I got to my current writing location. First, National Novel Writing Month happened in November of 2016. I had participated in NaNoWriMo before, but this was the first time I finished my project. I got the t-shirt. Continue reading “Pardon Me, Your Brain Appears to be Storming”

June Word of the Month

Justice has many definitions. Instead of copying them all here, I am giving you a link to follow if you need to know all the aspects. I am looking at the legal process of justice myself, having spent several hours in a courtroom hallway supporting others included in the trial as I was. Witnesses for the prosecution and for the defense could not hear each other’s testimonies, so we sat and chatted about other things. Continue reading “June Word of the Month”

Romance Trade Marks

If you have heard the term “Cockygate” and were wondering what that was all about, wonder no more. It’s about a person trying to grab all the glory she thinks she deserves for using the term Cocky in all her book titles. This blog by Jamila Jasper sums it up and lays out the deeper issues. She has a good point in that while it seems hilarious on the surface and leaves room for LOTS o’ PUNS (trademark), the deeper issue has to do with trademark laws in the United States. Continue reading “Romance Trade Marks”