The Royal Whee

Royalties are part of being a published author. If you are lucky, you will get tons of money rolling in and be set to write for years to come. Out of the novella, novel, and various short stories, I have more debt than income. Sadly, being in the red means that the other authors in the anthologies might move to Outer Mongolia before seeing much in the way of royalties. Continue reading “The Royal Whee”


What Are We Drinking?

I grew up without an alcoholic father. My parents split before I was a year old, so I didn’t really have to deal with that side of life. Good thing because I had lots of other issues to choose from. But I went through my own drinking phase counter-balanced by a teetotaler phase. These days I have a beer now and then and a martini on special occasions. Continue reading “What Are We Drinking?”

This is it! Light the Lights!

Hi folks! Unless something has gone horribly wrong, today Amazon will have our third Bowman’s Inn anthology, Autumn, up for sale. We’re really excited because now we are reaching the number of books that might actually get attention from readers. I mean besides family and friends. I remember being so excited when we sold a copy of Summer, but it turned out to be one of the actual authors doing research. Continue reading “This is it! Light the Lights!”

Autumn in the Air

While it’s still a humid 80-plus degrees f in my corner of California, Autumn is all I can think about. Because Book Three of The Bowman’s Inn is Autumn, and it will be published on October 18th. How exciting is that?

It’s so exciting that my fellow authors need to be introduced. You know me and my alter ego Roxanna Haley. So now meet the only other author to stick with the anthology from the beginning, E. D. Vaughn. Continue reading “Autumn in the Air”