Porn Rock Star

The joy of writing about sex occurred to me many years ago when I started writing fan fiction. I didn’t get into Slash Fiction, but I wrote some pretty steamy scenes with my characters and the characters from the various TV shows. Believe it or not, I started with a show about World War II and I was so innocent that just showing the characters in bed seemed overtly sexual. Note to younger self: You ain’t written nothing yet! Continue reading “Porn Rock Star”


The Royal Whee

Royalties are part of being a published author. If you are lucky, you will get tons of money rolling in and be set to write for years to come. Out of the novella, novel, and various short stories, I have more debt than income. Sadly, being in the red means that the other authors in the anthologies might move to Outer Mongolia before seeing much in the way of royalties. Continue reading “The Royal Whee”

What Are We Drinking?

I grew up without an alcoholic father. My parents split before I was a year old, so I didn’t really have to deal with that side of life. Good thing because I had lots of other issues to choose from. But I went through my own drinking phase counter-balanced by a teetotaler phase. These days I have a beer now and then and a martini on special occasions. Continue reading “What Are We Drinking?”

This is it! Light the Lights!

Hi folks! Unless something has gone horribly wrong, today Amazon will have our third Bowman’s Inn anthology, Autumn, up for sale. We’re really excited because now we are reaching the number of books that might actually get attention from readers. I mean besides family and friends. I remember being so excited when we sold a copy of Summer, but it turned out to be one of the actual authors doing research. Continue reading “This is it! Light the Lights!”