Writer’s Superstitions

These days, I hope the only superstition that writers stick to is finding a place with uninterrupted WiFi, a laptop that won’t suddenly commit seppuku, and a steady supply of coffee or other liquid fuels. In fact, I am writing this right now in such a place and my luck is holding. Knock on wood. Continue reading “Writer’s Superstitions”

Science Fiction Quadruple Feature

You would not believe how much fun a book festival can be for a writer. Okay, maybe you would. But most people think these events are only for readers. After all, there are a bunch of books for sale, a few to be given away, and authors to meet and get a signature from. But there are also writers groups, like Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and Writers Ink. More than you can possibly join and attend on a regular basis without a Time Turner.

083018 time turner

Continue reading “Science Fiction Quadruple Feature”

Building an Audience – Get the Hammers

I take copious notes everywhere I go. Because the biggest lie out there is “I will remember that.” And I have always had a pretty good memory. So when it lets me down, I am devastated. At the RWA National Convention last July in San Diego, I took notes constantly. I did so in a very unorganized manner. I learned a lot and I am ready for the next convention in March 2017. Every page will have the title of the workshop and full names of the speakers, as well as the program page where the thing is listed. Continue reading “Building an Audience – Get the Hammers”

Paranormal Romance Is Undead

At the Romance Writers of America National Convention in San Diego this past June, I loved hearing that trends don’t really exist any longer. Thanks to self-publishing indie authors, we don’t have to wait for the traditional publishers to decide what will be up and coming. We can write whatever we want and the readers love it. As long as we write a good story, an audience will be found. Continue reading “Paranormal Romance Is Undead”

Find the People Who Want to Love Your Writing

I still have so many pages of notes to share with you from the Romance Writers of America 2016 National Conventions. And I haven’t been sued yet, so that’s a good sign. One of my favorite workshops was titled Finding and Keeping Your Audience, with a handout available online. Because who wants to carry around a hundred sheets of paper? Continue reading “Find the People Who Want to Love Your Writing”

Charity Means Love, Love Invokes Romance

Over the past year, the number of Romance authors involved in charities makes me proud to be part of that group. My own Romance Writers of America chapter holds an annual event to fight illiteracy. A group of writers, including Romance writer Julia Quinn, wrote onstage in front of an audience to produce Hotel Angeline, with the proceeds of the event going to charity. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004VSV7FY/?tag=juliaquinnhomepa Alyssa Cole supports clean water for everyone through the United Nations Global Goals. http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/ Continue reading “Charity Means Love, Love Invokes Romance”