If you are like me, you have encountered the word “balance” many times over. You eat a balanced meal, you balance your time between work and personal life, and you balance your checkbook when you absolutely have to. Continue reading “Balance”


Winter Holidays and Health

Last month I shared ways to stay healthy mentally and physically as the Holiday season gets going. Halloween is just days away and Thanksgiving looms large. Remember, do what makes you happy. Stress will lower your resistance to infections and illnesses. Continue reading “Winter Holidays and Health”

How to NOT Write a Book

I spend many hours looking at blogs and books that will tell me the best way to write a book, define a character, improve my story arc, help me connect with my audience, and sell a bazillion copies of the book on line. So I am not going to talk about any of that. That stuff has been covered to the point of exhaustion. I’m going to whine, I mean, explain, why books don’t get written. Continue reading “How to NOT Write a Book”

Yin and Yang and Story Balance

I am unbelievably gifted to know Lisa Kessler through my local chapter of RWA. She’s amazing. A talented speaker, knowledgeable teacher, and willing mentor, her workshop on Black Moments gave me some much needed directions for my works in progress.

One would think writers know these things, but until that workshop, I never got it that your Happily Ever After is only as sweet as the Black Moment is horrible. You need a BIG moment when all is lost, and there had to be indications that it would happen from the beginning of the story. Continue reading “Yin and Yang and Story Balance”