The Blog Bog and Other Writer’s Problems

Some years ago, I thought it would be a lot of fun to write a blog about my parrots. So I started one, and it has been a lot of fun. Then I became involved in a humor blog called You Suck at Craigslist (YSaC to the in-crowd). As I got to know the intelligent and funny people who published the blog, I was privileged to be given moderator duties and to help out now and then. I had a blast.

Next I joined RWA and learned that a blog about being a writer was an absolute must if you want to be taken seriously. Ta-da, this is that blog. I got active on Scribophile and found that many new writers are afraid of blogging. So I started a group blog with a dozen or so writers who get to have on blog up every six weeks, because we post twice a week. I made sure to put it on other days than when I do my two blogs.

Recently, the intelligent and funny people at YSaC realized how much time they were putting in to the site, and how little return it provided. There is a huge and caring community involved in the site, and that is one of the greatest returns ever. Still, as young professionals they needed to trim down their extracurricular activities. YSaC ended.

I couldn’t take it. Not have a place to be snarky and laugh at the lowlife posters on Craigslist? So I started Welcome to Fabulous Sparkyville. If you are counting, that’s four blogs of which three I am the sole person responsible for the content, and one that is my responsibility to keep going.

The conclusion: I Am Insane.

I have a sequel to Regency Banquet Appetizer: Pure Seduction to finish, have critiqued, edited and published. I have an anthology to get in gear and the next story for the next book in the anthology to write. I have a completed manuscript of a Regency Romance to query or decide to publish myself, and I have a shape shifter paranormal romance to finish.

Luckily, a wonderful writer named Rachel Aaron has information on how to take your word count per day from 2000 to 10000. The first step is to write out where the story is going. Not outline, not summary, just for yourself, an idea or road map of what needs to happen, where it needs to happen, and why. I did this for all my pending stories, and it has helped so much. Lots of plot twists I didn’t know how to resolve were sorted out.

Next, Rachel Aaron said to start recording your writing time, the word count, and where you are when you write. I made a very simple Excel spreadsheet and have diligently used it to keep track. My average writing time is an hour before I become distracted by something or have something that needs to be done. My average word count is 550 words per hour. Yikes! No wonder my projects seem to be standing still.

The reason you would include the place you are when you are writing is because going to a library or coffee shop might prove to be interruption-free compared to home. At this time, I don’t have the option of writing elsewhere. There will always be solitaire games waiting for me, and friends to chat with. But I have a new computer just waiting for the time for it to be installed, and that will free up my laptop. And even if I don’t get to go to the coffee shop to write, I can create a space in the spare room for writing on the laptop, with no internet access. And that will solve all my problems, right?

I can’t wait to see what the third step is. Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back on Thursday.