February Tweet What You Read

Is it a good thing that I have been reading less and writing more? Also doing more cleaning, more bird care, and walking the dog on longer paths. When I sit down to read, I fall asleep. I don’t eat, but I don’t burn calories. Well, let’s look at the Read Shelf, shall we? Continue reading “February Tweet What You Read”

Celebrity Casting

Most writers do this, especially in the Romance field. We need to perfectly describe the main characters, consistently, time and time again. A friend of mine, Cynthia Diamond, who writes a fantasy series called Wyrd Love, has a Hot Guy Thursday on Facebook every week. She likes the actor from The Witcher, Joey Batey. She cast him as her Trickster, Galen. Continue reading “Celebrity Casting”

Must be the Mistletoe

When I first became a writer and member of Romance Writers of America (we’re on hold with that right now) I asked an editor if they accepted Christmas holiday romance stories for anthologies and stand-alones. She said, no, pretty much you had to be invited to write for one and to submit it. That didn’t stop me from writing them. In fact, I have published one in serial form in this blog some years back. Continue reading “Must be the Mistletoe”

Writers Need Craft Books

If you have a photographic or audio graphic memory, you might be able to take a class on the craft of good writing and never forget any of the information. You might read all the books available and not miss a single suggestion or worksheet. The rest of us need craft books to remind us of what we read. What we learned. And how to use that knowledge. Continue reading “Writers Need Craft Books”

Who am I, Really?

National Novel Writing Month is moving apace, and you are getting repeats! Enjoy! — DLH

Writers dislike several things. Most of us struggle to write a synopsis. We don’t particularly like query letters. We have to push to get a character sketch done properly. And we wish someone else would take our first drafts and make them perfect. Continue reading “Who am I, Really?”

October Tweet What You Read

Leaves are turning red and gold, spooky stories are gaining popularity, and it’s nearly time to dress up as our true selves. October comes packed with fun and games, but also with cooler weather that might keep me inside and reading. In the last 30 days, I had sunny days and outside chores to take care of. So I present four books and no movies and nothing new in my AudioBooks selections. Continue reading “October Tweet What You Read”