Things I Can’t Do

As a writer, there are lots of things I can do in my fiction that bring about a Happily Ever After by the end of 60K words or so. But there are still some things I can’t and more likely won’t do. Let’s start with the obvious. Continue reading “Things I Can’t Do”


12th Night Reader Challenge

Few people, unless they are history buffs and/or members of a recreation group, know when the Twelve Days of Christmas really take place. The story goes that the practice of giving gifts at Christmas reflects the Gifts of the Magi, who came to find Jesus at the time of his birth in Bethlehem. That day is celebrated on January 6th, exactly twelve days after December 25th. Continue reading “12th Night Reader Challenge”

Games to Play With Books

An advantage to Facebook and Scribophile is the ability to play weird games that would be much less fun face to face. Imagine getting out lists of silly words, one for each letter of the alphabet and one for each month of the year, and having your friends at a party tell you what their porn star name would be, based on the month they were born and the first letter of their last name. Not enough alcohol in the world to make that funny.

111617 flip through book

Continue reading “Games to Play With Books”

Listen to Your Parents

Once upon a time, a set of laws were handed down to people which included Honor your Father and your Mother. For many years after that, centuries, even, respect for parents became the norm. Reflected in literature and letters, multitudes feared the consequences of going against parental authority. These days, not so much. Continue reading “Listen to Your Parents”