The Villain of the Piece

Besides reading books, I like to fill my driving time with audiobooks. Right now, I’m finishing up The House of Secrets by Brad Metzler and Tod Goldberg. I love the narration by Scott Brick and January LaVoy. But the best part is the dive into early American history, the complex relationship between George Washington and Benedict Arnold, and the suggestion that we Americans have not been taught all the truth that lays there between the pages of history. Continue reading “The Villain of the Piece”


Book Club Books

You didn’t realize that when I joined a book club, so did you, in an off-handed way. I can’t believe the books I am reading that I never would have picked up without the requirement to read these for the club. Oh, the places I’ve gone. Really. I suggest you find a local book club and join up and even if you can’t get to the meetings, read the books! We have one over-achiever in the club who reads all the books nominated! Continue reading “Book Club Books”

12th Night Reader Challenge

Few people, unless they are history buffs and/or members of a recreation group, know when the Twelve Days of Christmas really take place. The story goes that the practice of giving gifts at Christmas reflects the Gifts of the Magi, who came to find Jesus at the time of his birth in Bethlehem. That day is celebrated on January 6th, exactly twelve days after December 25th. Continue reading “12th Night Reader Challenge”