Hooks and Plots, Part One

Hooks are set-ups, sometimes only a sentence, that grabs readers and keeps them reading. A good writer has hooks in the first few lines of the story, at the end of every chapter, and at key scenes. Plots are vague outline that your characters might follow or might not. When people say a book is either character driven or plot driven, they haven’t met my characters. Continue reading “Hooks and Plots, Part One”

Body Language or How to Give Your Story Subtext

What is Subtext? It says here that it’s an implied, underlying message not stated in the text but clearly there. Remember the first Men in Black movie, when Agent J went to the morgue, and he thought Laurel was going on to him? She tried to give him a subtle message that something was wrong, but his ego got in the way. We learned that Laurel is pretty smart and J has some growing up to do. Subtext. Continue reading “Body Language or How to Give Your Story Subtext”

Writers Need Craft Books

If you have a photographic or audio graphic memory, you might be able to take a class on the craft of good writing and never forget any of the information. You might read all the books available and not miss a single suggestion or worksheet. The rest of us need craft books to remind us of what we read. What we learned. And how to use that knowledge. Continue reading “Writers Need Craft Books”

Authors As Hooks

On Google or Pinterest or any writer’s site, you will find much information about hooks. Every chapter should end in a hook, every opening sentence has to hook your readers, every word over 6 characters must be followed by, say it with me, a hook! Ask a question in your first sentence and don’t answer it for a few chapters. Imply your Point of View Character is a Martian and then just move on. Write a happy person who doesn’t seem to understand full sentences. These could be hooks if done correctly. Continue reading “Authors As Hooks”

Right on Schedule!

Hello, friends! I know what you really, really want. You want to be a Rich, Famous Writer! You want to travel all expenses paid to speaking gigs and conferences to talk about writing. Maybe even write a book about writing with a catchy name like On Writing. And you want to be able to buy ridiculous things because you are so rich, you don’t know what to do with all the money! Want to know how to accomplish that? Of course you do! Now, pay attention. Continue reading “Right on Schedule!”


Have you heard that term? How was it being used? I can’t believe how many times I have heard it recently since I began watching dog rescue videos on YouTube. One vet uses it to mean he’s going to wash the rescued animal and especially clean out any open wounds. Wikipedia thinks it means getting into hot water, then into cold water, then back to warm. Also, there’s the use of whirlpools and spas. Well, here’s what Hydrotherapy for Writers is like.


072819 think i looked like
What I think I look like when swimming


Continue reading “Hydrotherapy”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe For Writers

Would you believe that as I was watching The Avengers: End Game, I was learning the craft of writing? Okay, maybe not the first time but for sure the second time. There is so much useful information is the whole universe Marvel created that even a casual viewer can pick up gems. So to speak. Continue reading “The Marvel Cinematic Universe For Writers”

Thanksgiving and the Purpose of National Novel Writing Month

Catherine Bybee spoke to my Romance Writers of America local chapter on the 17th of November. She is an amazing storyteller and if you get the chance to hear her, you should take advantage of it. While not the topic of her speech, she did say something that sparked my blog post for today. Continue reading “Thanksgiving and the Purpose of National Novel Writing Month”

Jeff Lyons Presents

As happens almost every month, I was lucky to attend my local Romance Writers of America chapter meeting for October. Our speaker was Jeff Lyons, a published fiction/nonfiction author, screenwriter, and story development consultant in the film, television, and publishing industries (but his web page is undergoing an overhaul). As you can imagine, he had a lot of great information to share. I think it will take me at least two posts to cover it all. But what struck me was the humor and fun we had at this meeting. I’m pulling a few of the things he covered that have an aura of genius about them. Continue reading “Jeff Lyons Presents”