Writers Need Media Followers

As a writer, I blog, I tweet, and I post on Facebook regularly. I have 200 followers on Twitter, but that’s more about politics right now. I have 450 followers on WordPress for my writing blog. I have 68 followers on my Roxanna Haley FB page and 14 on my D.L. Hungerford page. That page I recently had to shut down the original one because Facebook was making changes to their scheduling codes without telling anyone. I started this one but not many people caught that I was switching pages. I think I can merge them now, so I will see if that brings my numbers up. Continue reading “Writers Need Media Followers”

Ghosts of Stories Past

A sudden uptick of interest in my Regency trilogy has gotten me thinking more about my last book in the series. The one that is a few thousand words shy of finished. The one that wraps up all the loose ends and gets all the Curtis children married happily ever after, plus a few surprises for their father and Cooper’s aunt. Maybe it’s time to finish that, between working on Crazy for Trying and all the blogs and Facebook pages. Continue reading “Ghosts of Stories Past”

Seek and Entertain

Somewhere in the wide reading world, you know there is an audience looking for the books you write. There are book-a-day readers who want a hot romance with a fireman, or a sweet romance about a woman farmer, or a sci-fi romance about planets exploding, or male/male romances set on a pirate ship. Now that I mention it, that last one sounds pretty good! Continue reading “Seek and Entertain”