April Challenge

At the end of last month, I signed up to write ten thousand words on the third book in my Regency trilogy, Regency Banquet: Dessert, Pure Elation before the end of April. Turns out I didn’t have that much more to write. On Monday, the 20th, I wrote The End and then asked the organizer of the contest if I could continue for the last 500 or so words by working on a new project. She said that would be fine. Continue reading “April Challenge”

This Could Happen to Anyone

I have finished the rough draft of my much worked on novel, Crazy for Trying. Now it will be set up for critiques and then edited to within an inch of its life. I will finish my long delayed last book in the Regency Banquet series, Dessert: Pure Elation. It, too, will get sent out for critiques and then edited. Then eventually I will have Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) and I will need to find willing beta readers. One group who likes Romantic Suspense, and one that likes very hot Regency romances. Continue reading “This Could Happen to Anyone”

Adjust Sprint Time to Suit You

When I was a young and inexperienced writer, in January, and before the world went daft, I would always try to sprint for an hour. I’ve talked about sprinting enough that I hope I don’t have to explain it again. But I will. In case you are a new fan, and by the way, thank you to everyone who has decided to follow my blog. So nice to know I am not talking to myself all the time. Continue reading “Adjust Sprint Time to Suit You”

So You Want to Be a Writer

If you look around on Pinterest, you will find authors’ quotes for every occasion. My only complaint about the quotes is that they often treat every writer as the same, and state that what worked for them will no doubt work for you. If not, you’re doing it wrong. Let’s take a look at some of these great quotes. Continue reading “So You Want to Be a Writer”

Like a Dog with a Bone

My dog loves lamb shank bones. Whenever she gets one, there’s usually a little meat on still. She takes it to her “secret lair” in the living room and chews and gnaws away. Later, if I see it abandoned on the rug and try to dispose of it, she will gently take it from me and go chew on it some more. This will last a few days, this routine of me picking it up and Astrid reclaiming it. Then, at last, a day comes when she can let go of it. Continue reading “Like a Dog with a Bone”

Ghosts of Stories Past

A sudden uptick of interest in my Regency trilogy has gotten me thinking more about my last book in the series. The one that is a few thousand words shy of finished. The one that wraps up all the loose ends and gets all the Curtis children married happily ever after, plus a few surprises for their father and Cooper’s aunt. Maybe it’s time to finish that, between working on Crazy for Trying and all the blogs and Facebook pages. Continue reading “Ghosts of Stories Past”

April Challenges

Every April, National Novel Writing Month junkies get a short reprieve in the form of Camp NaNo. They call it “An idyllic writer’s retreat smack dab in the middle of your crazy life.” You sign in and complete a writing project in one month. They throw around phrases like 100% fun and free to participants. They don’t mention how much the therapy is going to cost you when you have a stress-related breakdown. Continue reading “April Challenges”

Writing versus Cleaning

When one is a writer, one must weigh the priorities of various daily tasks against the need to create worlds and put words on paper. How badly does the refrigerator need to be cleaned out? Have any of the leftovers actually spoken? It will keep. Also, the toilet can go another week as long as the health department hasn’t been called. Honestly, if the chain breakfast place down the street gets by, you’re fine. Continue reading “Writing versus Cleaning”