Dental Denial

For many years now, science has linked gum disease and infections to heart disease and other illnesses. We are more and more coming to see our bodies as one whole system. Like a well-written story, everything works together. Blood circulates throughout the entire system and can carry health or illness with it. Continue reading “Dental Denial”


Clean Eating, Dirty Fiction

On the last Sunday of every month, I like to share part of what I have learned in my weight loss journey. To be a better writer, I need to get exercise, plenty of sleep, have good posture, and eat clean food. To me, that means eliminating foods Grandma would not recognize as food. Like Flaming Hot Cheetos ™ or bacon-wrapped Lil’ Smokies ™ Grandma might have enjoyed the bacon wrapped stuff after we explained it to her, but it’s the need to say “This is edible” that is the problem. Continue reading “Clean Eating, Dirty Fiction”

Attitude is Everything

Today is the last Sunday in May and time for me to address health issues for writers. No one can make you change your thinking so you may change your life. You may start eating healthier, exercising, keeping a positive outlook because someone wishes you to do so. But if the desire to change doesn’t come from your heart, you might lose the fat you want to be rid of but have no skill at keeping it off. Continue reading “Attitude is Everything”