Writing Basics 101

Today, I’m going to go over some basic writing things you should know before you ask anyone to look at your work. This is really ground floor stuff, so if you are in the Advance Class or College Prep, go read Mika Jolie’s Blog instead. Sign up for her newsletter to get a free book! Continue reading “Writing Basics 101”

Building an Audience – Get the Hammers

I take copious notes everywhere I go. Because the biggest lie out there is “I will remember that.” And I have always had a pretty good memory. So when it lets me down, I am devastated. At the RWA National Convention last July in San Diego, I took notes constantly. I did so in a very unorganized manner. I learned a lot and I am ready for the next convention in March 2017. Every page will have the title of the workshop and full names of the speakers, as well as the program page where the thing is listed. Continue reading “Building an Audience – Get the Hammers”