Senses and History, Part 5: Smell

As a writer, you have probably heard that the sense of smell is the least used in writing fiction. We use words, so vision is well represented. We write dialogue, we write personal connections, so hearing and touch are all good. Taste could probably be used a bit more, outside of bedroom scenes. But smell is in itself a somewhat negative word. Writers tend to ignore it. This blog is helpful for all the underused senses. Continue reading “Senses and History, Part 5: Smell”

Happy May Day!

And if you are in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Happy New Year! May 1st is an ancient spring festival celebrated in the northern hemisphere. Traditional activities include dancing around Maypoles, crowning a May Queen, and ask the blessing of fertility for the crops and cattle from whichever god you most believe in. It’s kind of like Festival inthat one episode of TOS Star Trek.

050116 spock
Not this episode, the other one.

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