Hello, sir or madam, do you have a moment to talk about Braiding Your Story Elements? If so, you need to watch this space for Laurie Schnebly Campbell’s coming workshops. She was the speaker for my local RWA chapter in June and she said she is teaching Braiding in the fall. The same class she presented to us.


071419 Laurie Schnebly Campbell
Laurie Schnebly Campbell


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Care, Feeding, and Training of Your Muse

I Googled the above title and found out I am not the only one who wants more control over my writing instinct and inspiration. I go to my critique group and get the best advice for the story in its current shape. I want to write! I want to use what they told me and manage at least 10k words. But by the time I go home, after stopping at one or two stores along the way, I have to put groceries away and take care of birds and clean the kitchen and get the laundry moved along. When at last I sit down at my desk I have to get up again and find where I put my laptop bag, unpack it and connect it to everything. By then my muse is sitting in a corner playing with dust bunnies. Bad Muse! No biscuit for you. Continue reading “Care, Feeding, and Training of Your Muse”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe For Writers

Would you believe that as I was watching The Avengers: End Game, I was learning the craft of writing? Okay, maybe not the first time but for sure the second time. There is so much useful information is the whole universe Marvel created that even a casual viewer can pick up gems. So to speak. Continue reading “The Marvel Cinematic Universe For Writers”

Modern Women Dress for Other Women

This is the 3rd and final, I hope, installment in the Women Dress for Other Women series. Modern is a flexible word because it means most of my life to me and it may mean the current century to others. So odd to think that I have been alive in two different centuries. In my teens, I thought I would be old and decrepit by the year 2000. After all, I would be in my 50s. Ah, youth. Continue reading “Modern Women Dress for Other Women”

Something May Appear Here

I’m writing this the night before my RWA meeting. I have spent most of the day taking care of birds, doing business for my bird club, getting things written for my weight loss support group, taking the dog to be groomed, and shopping. I’m getting my Facebook pages up to date and scheduling posts for the future. I was going to write about tweeting what I read, but I am so tired I just want to put something up and not worry about it. I also have a bird blog to write. Continue reading “Something May Appear Here”

Trope Versus Cliche

I like to tell writers about Romance Writers of America, which isn’t just for romance writers. You can learn a lot about the craft and make connections with agents, publishers, and other writers. Like Nora Roberts and Damon Suede. In a similar vein, I recommend Scribophile, an online community for writers. Almost the opposite of RWA, Scrib looks down its collective nose at Romance and some other genres. But there are a scattering of romance centered groups on there. Including my own Writers Who Love Romance. Continue reading “Trope Versus Cliche”