Romantic Fruit

To clarify from the start, I am talking about actual, grown fruit. And I am not talking about a banana with two kiwi fruits because that’s not romantic in the least. I’m talking about fruit that can be a shared romantic experience. Something my couple in the sequel to the WIP could be eating while on a cruise ship. Continue reading “Romantic Fruit”

Tough Times

Through my local chapter of Romance Writers of America, I had the opportunity to listen to Georgie Lee, an author of many books and in general a wonderful person. Her topic was If Life Sucks But You Still Have a Deadline. I am not going to recreate her talk here because I hope all of you will look for opportunities to listen to Georgie yourself. It’s worth the time and effort to find her and listen. (Although her web page hasn’t updated her workshop schedule since 2018, a note to her will probably give you current information)

062120 georgie

Continue reading “Tough Times”

Character Development

My characters, Adam and Valerie, have been in my life for a long time now. You would think I should know everything about them. I thought I did. Then judges in a contest I entered suggested I work to make them more layered. This isn’t the first time I have been told this. But I see that when the excitement of the plot gets going, I forget to make Valerie self conscious about her weight, or pinpoint Adam’s need to clear his name. Like when you ride in a car going 80mph, it’s hard to pick up details at the side of the highway, or that’s what they tell me. Ahem. But going 15mph, all the details are clearly visible. My task now is to keep the speed up but keep the details in mind. Continue reading “Character Development”

Introducing Kit Fortier

Over the years as a writer, I have read many first drafts, Advance Reader Copies, and recently published books by new authors. I love it, especially if I can do any to help the writer. Writing is a difficult job and marketing after you publish the novel is mind-bending. So giving a shout out to a writer with a few novels is always helpful. Continue reading “Introducing Kit Fortier”

Keep on Decluttering and Uncluttering

Monday — The first photo of my “desk” is before any uncluttering started. I am using this blog today for accountability. As each section is cleaned, I will post a picture until I move on to the floor, walls, and ceiling. I’ve finished the 7th First Draft of Crazy for Trying and have moved on to finish my Regency Trilogy at last. Meanwhile, I am stuck at home with no groups to go to and so it should not be difficult to clean all the things. Continue reading “Keep on Decluttering and Uncluttering”

March Tweet What You Read

This whole staying home thing has some problems that I am working out. The first one is that my beloved husband is home and I need to make him aware of the times when I am writing so he doesn’t start reading things off the internet to me. Another is making sure I have enough birdseed to last a while. Luckily the pet stores are open for a short time every day. And certain birds are sure that since both humans are home, we will want to have them out with us. But the best thing is that, as soon as all the cages are cleaned, everyone has fresh food and water, and all my writing deadlines are met, there’s time to read. Continue reading “March Tweet What You Read”

Irish Eyes Were Not Always Smiling

Let’s get this part over with. Saint Patrick wasn’t Irish. St. Pat’s Day is a Holy Day in Ireland. Only in America do people drink green beer and wear Kiss Me, I’m Irish! shirts. Americans made St. Paddy’s Day the drunken orgy it has become. That’s not what this post is about it. And yes, I am Irish. So this means a lot to me. Continue reading “Irish Eyes Were Not Always Smiling”

Body Language or How to Give Your Story Subtext

What is Subtext? It says here that it’s an implied, underlying message not stated in the text but clearly there. Remember the first Men in Black movie, when Agent J went to the morgue, and he thought Laurel was going on to him? She tried to give him a subtle message that something was wrong, but his ego got in the way. We learned that Laurel is pretty smart and J has some growing up to do. Subtext. Continue reading “Body Language or How to Give Your Story Subtext”

Leap Year Facts and Traditions

Every four years like clockwork, or maybe like calendar work, February sprouts a new day. Right there at the end of the month. Humans call this “leap year” and “leap day” because we envision leaping ahead by 24 hours. In truth, we have that much more time to find the money to pay our bills, that much more work hours to be paid for, and that much more time to be with those we love. Continue reading “Leap Year Facts and Traditions”

Celebrity Casting

Most writers do this, especially in the Romance field. We need to perfectly describe the main characters, consistently, time and time again. A friend of mine, Cynthia Diamond, who writes a fantasy series called Wyrd Love, has a Hot Guy Thursday on Facebook every week. She likes the actor from The Witcher, Joey Batey. She cast him as her Trickster, Galen. Continue reading “Celebrity Casting”