What I Didn’t Do on My Summer Vacation

I only remember once having to write the dreaded Summer Vacation essay in grade school. My mom had worked as a housekeeper for the family of another student in my class. I talked all about hanging around her house while she ignored me or played mean tricks on me. Yeah, that was fun. Continue reading “What I Didn’t Do on My Summer Vacation”

Diversity: Reaching a New Reader

As an author, I love to write about people of different cultures and circumstances. The ability to work a Pacific Islander into the story or a past love Caucasian reunited with his African-American college girlfriend opens lots of conflict and wonderful ways to deal with pain. Makeup sex after 10 years is awesome. Continue reading “Diversity: Reaching a New Reader”

Time Enough to Write

We have clarified that you know you are a writer if you have a preponderance of certain traits I listed a few weeks ago. Some readers mentioned that the last paragraph, about families who let them have time to write, was really lacking in their lives. So here are some tips I learned from fellow writers who are blessed with a needy spouse and dependent children. Continue reading “Time Enough to Write”