Do Alphas Have to be Assholes?

Once again, being a member of Romance Writers of America and my local chapter has brought a wonderful author in to talk to us and work with us. We authors, published or un, always are open to learning how to do our jobs better, smarter, quicker. Learning from the best is one perk of RWA membership. Continue reading “Do Alphas Have to be Assholes?”


My Name on The Cover of a Romance Novel!

That statement is true, but it’s not quite the realization of a goal that it might seem. The book is Miss Hungerford’s Handsome Hero by Noël Vreeland Carter. My husband found it on the internet and bought it for me. He is certainly my handsome hero. Continue reading “My Name on The Cover of a Romance Novel!”

Miracle Morning for Writers: A Review

I often have a miracle morning on the weekends, but I don’t think that’s exactly what this particular help book is about. The Miracle Morning for Writers (place long subtitle here) by Hal Elrod and Steve Scott looks at a process of planning your day ahead of time, especially your morning, to optimize the use of your time. It’s a pretty cool idea. Continue reading “Miracle Morning for Writers: A Review”

More from the Crime Scene

When Geoff Symon spoke to my RWA group last month, I learned a new word: curtilage. No, it’s not a description of an impolite person or a part of the body. It’s the land that surrounds your home. All the way to the curb, which means the police can’t go on your driveway to look into your car. Farmland, if marked off, includes buildings, barns, silos, and garage. A homeless person has no curtilage but police can’t search their cart without permission. A tent on public property is also not private. Continue reading “More from the Crime Scene”

Beefing It Up

Personally, I never seem to have positive things to say about my own weight loss. I try things, I walk every day and avoid things that are “bad” for me. Mostly, nothing changes. I firmly believe that there is something I can do easily to improve my health and weight. That’s the key to my choices. I must have chocolate. I must have ice cream. I must have coffee. Continue reading “Beefing It Up”