New Year, New Words

Starting with this first Thursday in January 2020, I am going to gather tips from the far reaches of the Intertubes that will help any writer to be more productive. We are so easily distracted and when we come down to a deadline, we almost never use our time wisely. So let’s get looking and see what treasures await the pure of heart, the strong of spirit, and the rest of us jokers. Continue reading “New Year, New Words”

Strong Beginnings with HelenKay Dimon

I wish I was a close friend of HelenKay Dimon. I love her writing, I love listening to her speak, but her sense of humor is delightful. I can’t get enough. And she’s a published author who enjoys helping new authors. I want to be her when I grow up. Continue reading “Strong Beginnings with HelenKay Dimon”

Writers Need Craft Books

If you have a photographic or audio graphic memory, you might be able to take a class on the craft of good writing and never forget any of the information. You might read all the books available and not miss a single suggestion or worksheet. The rest of us need craft books to remind us of what we read. What we learned. And how to use that knowledge. Continue reading “Writers Need Craft Books”

Authors As Hooks

On Google or Pinterest or any writer’s site, you will find much information about hooks. Every chapter should end in a hook, every opening sentence has to hook your readers, every word over 6 characters must be followed by, say it with me, a hook! Ask a question in your first sentence and don’t answer it for a few chapters. Imply your Point of View Character is a Martian and then just move on. Write a happy person who doesn’t seem to understand full sentences. These could be hooks if done correctly. Continue reading “Authors As Hooks”


I’ve benefited greatly from being mentored a few times in my life. Having written a post about that very thing recently, I started thinking about two tangents from that occurrence. One is when you need to stop mentoring someone and get on with your own writing. The other is when the mentoring turns out to be a very negative experience. Let’s look at these one at a time. Continue reading “Unmentoring”

How Much Description is Needed?

Writers know that adjectives and adverbs make for weak writing. How do you say The store sold the best watches without describing why these watches are so great? And what else is the store selling? Where is this store and why is it important to our main character? Okay, fasten your seat belts, there’s a lot to learn here. Continue reading “How Much Description is Needed?”