Dear Diary

There’s a simple, cheap, relatively easy tool to help with weight loss struggles. The slogan is, If you bite it, write it. Just keep track of what you eat, day by day. I really want to do this. I bought a small notebook just for that purpose. The notebook just turned two last week. It’s still a blank book. Continue reading “Dear Diary”


Everyone Makes Mistakes

Focusing this month on Character Development, because the editor who wants to see my manuscript again wants the characters to have more depth. Sunday I shared that life is all about learning. Today, we’ll look at the mistakes people make along the way. More importantly, we will look at how people react to making mistakes. Continue reading “Everyone Makes Mistakes”

Word of the Month

Welcome to August. I am starting a new recurring theme for the the first Thursday every month. I will prattle on about a word, then try to use it in every other post for the month. Does that sound plausible?

adjective PLAW-zuh-bul


1 : seemingly fair, reasonable, or valuable but often not so

2 : superficially pleasing or persuasive

3 : appearing worthy of belief Continue reading “Word of the Month”