February Word of the Month

I read the phrase Radical Acceptance and decided that I need to have more of that in my life. I accept that my life is a mess of clutter and that I can only clean it up a couple items at a time. I also have let my kindheartedness get me into a situation that is using up most of my time and preventing me from cleaning very much at all. These issues also impact my writing time. Continue reading “February Word of the Month”

I Haven’t Died

Forgive me if this is in the category of gallows humor. I’ve been through the legal process of a murder trial, both testifying and giving support to the daughter of the victim. I waited around in the hallway outside the courtroom for several days and spend the time listening to interesting conversations going on. Continue reading “I Haven’t Died”

Bob Mayer Covers Character and Point Of View, Part One

I didn’t think I would ever run out of things from the CalDreaming Conference to write about. I probably still have notes to transcribe from the RWA National Convention last year. But here I am looking at my notes and I think it’s time to share Mr. Mayer with you. Continue reading “Bob Mayer Covers Character and Point Of View, Part One”