Free Books! (Or How to Fill Up Your Inbox)

Most writers, like me, read a huge number of books each year. Smart writers read across genres and both short stories, novellas, series, and whatever comes to hand. With that idea in mind, I want to caution you about a possible slip we all will be tempted to make. Continue reading “Free Books! (Or How to Fill Up Your Inbox)”


Things I Can’t Do

As a writer, there are lots of things I can do in my fiction that bring about a Happily Ever After by the end of 60K words or so. But there are still some things I can’t and more likely won’t do. Let’s start with the obvious. Continue reading “Things I Can’t Do”

California Deamin’ 2017 Writers Conference Part 6

The State of the Industry by HelenKay Simon and Shauna Summers

HelenKay ( is not only an author of many books but also serves on the board for RWA National. Shauna Summers is a publisher of many romance books. They delivered the information from the publisher’s side first, then the author’s side. Then they will take questions. Continue reading “California Deamin’ 2017 Writers Conference Part 6”