What are Keywords?

When you start marketing your writing on any of the big social media places or the major online book sellers, you will be asked to use keywords. What are those pesky things? How do I figure out which ones to use for my book? Keywords are like a message you send to your readers and fans. They say, “Hi! Are you looking for a slow burn Romance? I’ve got a lovely May-December story with no cliff hangers and a guaranteed Happy Ever After. And it’s set in a bread bakery, and the hero rescues animals from shelters or bad situations. His friend works in Animal Control. This friend’s sister has a crush on the baker/rescuer. Come in, have some tea, and meet the characters that spark this tale.”

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Happy Book Birthday!

During a workshop on Marketing for Self-Published Authors I learned about the concept of a Book Birthday. If you have some books sitting on Amazon not really selling any longer, you may create a whole new advertising campaign by celebrating the book’s publishing date as its birthday. Hold Facebook parties, gather a street team to get their friends to buy the book and post reviews. Reviews are key to getting books out there. Continue reading “Happy Book Birthday!”

Help Me, Amazon Wizard!

Writers know that Amazon is a vast wasteland of products of every kind. A small corner of the land is reserved for Books and a small corner of that is reserved for Romance and all the sub-genres. That little corner is crowded, so writers need to know how to make their books stand out. The way to do that is with key words, metadata, and categories. Might as well be astrophysics, warp drive, and jujubes. I had no clue. Continue reading “Help Me, Amazon Wizard!”

This Could Happen to Anyone

I have finished the rough draft of my much worked on novel, Crazy for Trying. Now it will be set up for critiques and then edited to within an inch of its life. I will finish my long delayed last book in the Regency Banquet series, Dessert: Pure Elation. It, too, will get sent out for critiques and then edited. Then eventually I will have Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) and I will need to find willing beta readers. One group who likes Romantic Suspense, and one that likes very hot Regency romances. Continue reading “This Could Happen to Anyone”

Who am I, Really?

National Novel Writing Month is moving apace, and you are getting repeats! Enjoy! — DLH

Writers dislike several things. Most of us struggle to write a synopsis. We don’t particularly like query letters. We have to push to get a character sketch done properly. And we wish someone else would take our first drafts and make them perfect. Continue reading “Who am I, Really?”

Altered Statements

I love wordplay. My family and friends expect me to make the most horrendous puns at the drop of an opportunity. Paronomasia brought my husband and me together, that and a vast amount of trivial knowledge we used on line to win trivia games. So altering a statement to get a laugh is one of those things I enjoy. As did Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde and Dickens. For example, when I think about books, I touch my shelf. Continue reading “Altered Statements”

Part Two of My Notes from a Recap of RWA National 2018

When we left our erstwhile author, she was taking notes by hand on the Recap of the 2018 National RWA Conference. Now she is attempting to transcribe those notes and do laundry and make a shopping list while hoping the dog can wait to be walked another hour. Let’s look in at her progress. Continue reading “Part Two of My Notes from a Recap of RWA National 2018”