February Tweet What You Read

Is it a good thing that I have been reading less and writing more? Also doing more cleaning, more bird care, and walking the dog on longer paths. When I sit down to read, I fall asleep. I don’t eat, but I don’t burn calories. Well, let’s look at the Read Shelf, shall we? Continue reading “February Tweet What You Read”

Tweet What You Read for January

Oh, goodness, I’m ready to put this shortlist together and start on the next set of books. A lot of sequels and fun Romances waiting in the queue. I don’t know why I didn’t get much reading done but I had fun. Shall we get started? Continue reading “Tweet What You Read for January”

June Tweet What You Read

The weather is crazy. The flu season is now year round. My stress levels are not going down and I want to sleep all the time. That would be fine if I would read in my sleep. If I sit in my favorite chair with a book, I am lucky to get 2 pages read before I’m off into some strange dreamland version of the plot. Actually, I kind of like that. Continue reading “June Tweet What You Read”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe For Writers

Would you believe that as I was watching The Avengers: End Game, I was learning the craft of writing? Okay, maybe not the first time but for sure the second time. There is so much useful information is the whole universe Marvel created that even a casual viewer can pick up gems. So to speak. Continue reading “The Marvel Cinematic Universe For Writers”

May Tweet What You Read

This is the post that should have gone up on Sunday. I run myself ragged and can’t always meet my deadlines. Guess that makes me a real, honest writer. As Douglas Adams said, I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by. Let’s just jump into the books and the one movie for April through May. So far.

052319 whooshing

Continue reading “May Tweet What You Read”