Tweet What You Read for November

Yes, it’s National Novel Writing Month and reading has not been a top priority. We even stopped watching movies every night so I could write more. It’s sort of working. Anyway, here are the books with a review and here are the movies with only occasional comments.

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Tweet What You Read for October

In Southern California, we had the hottest September on record. We’re set to have the hottest October, too. And some huge percentage of the United States is in a drought right now. Why? Is it because we killed so many Native Americans and now they won’t do rain dances for us? Is it because Mars and Mercury are in retrograde at the same time? Is it a punishment for electing a false god to be POTUS? Kind of the last one. Because we need to act quickly to stop and maybe reverse climate change. No, America isn’t the only country that needs to work on this. But our participation sways and confirms the assistance of many other governments. And that’s why I didn’t read as much as I would have liked. I spent lots of days at the beach with my pup. So what did I read?

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Scary Business

This month is the start of the Christmas season. Wow, that’s very scary! What I really want to write about here is the business of writing and selling scary novels. With or without a Romance going on, scary books are very popular because people like to be scared to death. They watch the scary movies, recently they have been able to watch the scary television shows, and they read the scary novels. Even when it’s not almost Halloween. I know, crazy, right?

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Tweet What You Read for September

Okay, I admit I have been spending too much time watching movies. I blame it all on the pandemic. For September, I only read 3 books and nearly a 4th one. I looked at Operation Shield by Joel Shepherd but it didn’t grab me by page 34 of Chapter 1. So I moved on and found things that did interest me.

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Tweet What You Read for August

I managed to read a lot more this past month, but with the heat wave on and no relief in sight, I can’t sit in my reading chair any longer at midday. No pool, to air conditioning, fans only blow warm air around, this is the penance I pay for being beautiful instead of rich. Doing it differently next life.

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Tweet What You Read for July

Hi, folks. I have not got the energy to link to all the movies we have been watching. So this month I am simply going to list the titles and then if it’s one I watched for the first time I’ll comment and link to it. Just so you know, the Quarantine Phenomena will continue probably into 2021. Life will go on only if we are smart and educated so we know the right things to do. And now, the books. Continue reading “Tweet What You Read for July”

Directed By

If you read my Tweet What You Read blogs, you know I have been watching a lot of movies lately. It’s not surprising that I began to imagine my Work in Progress as it would be under different directors. Along with wondering who they would cast as the leading, this can keep me busy for days. NOTE: I sincerely apologize to anyone offended by my imagined films below. Please do let me know what offends you in the comments, so that I can learn from my mistakes. Continue reading “Directed By”

Tweet What You Read and Watched for June 2020

I have had to juggle around through some books, as I started one that was part two of a series and didn’t make much sense on its own. Then I started one that sounded good but was so poorly written, I just couldn’t go on. And so on. But I do have a few to review and lots of movies. LOTS of movies. Let’s jump in! Continue reading “Tweet What You Read and Watched for June 2020”

May Quarantine Tweet What You Read and Watch

Whoa! Think how much yard work I could get done if I spent the time I do watching movies pulling weeds. Something about the quarantine creates a lethargy that prevents us from leaping to action, so I feel lucky that I have gotten as much done as I have. Here’s the list of books and movies, not audio books this time because I am not driving around much at all. Continue reading “May Quarantine Tweet What You Read and Watch”

Tweet What You Read for April

Ah, yes, having wished for all the time in the world to read my favorite books, I have luckily not just broken my glasses when the Stay Inside order hit. I happily geared up books I have wanted to read for ages and pretty much had at them. I tried to read John Dies at the End by David Wong, but it didn’t hook me before I won a copy of another book I wanted to read. Let’s get started, shall we? Continue reading “Tweet What You Read for April”