Promises to Keep

Way back in time, Anton Chekov advised writers to focus on important details only. And if you mention and describe the rifle over the fireplace, someone darn well better get that rifle down and use it at some point. By focusing on it, you make a promise to the reader that this item is worthy of attention. Continue reading “Promises to Keep”

Paranormal Romance Is Undead

At the Romance Writers of America National Convention in San Diego this past June, I loved hearing that trends don’t really exist any longer. Thanks to self-publishing indie authors, we don’t have to wait for the traditional publishers to decide what will be up and coming. We can write whatever we want and the readers love it. As long as we write a good story, an audience will be found. Continue reading “Paranormal Romance Is Undead”

The Pregnant Omega

While I was buying the rest of the serieses (what’s the plural of series? Two series?) that I discovered through an on-line workshop, I found that the title Winter’s Heat had been used a few times. That’s cool. As long as you know which author you are looking for. The other book was a shifter M/M about the pack Alpha and a pregnant Omega. Continue reading “The Pregnant Omega”