The Second Half of Laurie Schnebly Campbell: From Plot to Finish

I failed to mention that Laurie Schnebly Campbell gives workshops regularly. When you sign up for one or attend one at a convention or club meeting, you get dandy worksheets with which to play and craft your story. Continue reading “The Second Half of Laurie Schnebly Campbell: From Plot to Finish”


Advice for Heroes

Yes, it’s time to give the men some input. Just imagine if we let them go through their whole story without some guidance! There could be mass hysteria, but probably just mass sports programs, beer bottles, and pizza cartons. Someone has to clean up the mess, right? Continue reading “Advice for Heroes”

Goals and Reasons

As I look at things you should provide for your characters, even if these things never come up in the story itself, one of the most important – two! Two of the most important things are a goal and a reason. For instance, my goal in the last year was to find a dog that met certain criteria of size, breed, and age. The reasons for this included that I am home alone frequently, and a dog is good companion, and that walking a dog is a priority and will help me with weight issues. Continue reading “Goals and Reasons”