Hooks and Plots, Part 2

We went over mostly hooks last Thursday. So let’s get to plotting. There’s a saying I’ve always relied on this concept: Plot is not the story, it’s only the road map. The story is how your characters interact, react, and change because if they don’t change, the story can be pretty lame. Continue reading “Hooks and Plots, Part 2”

March Word of the Month

On my D.L. Hungerford Facebook page, I have a banner that says, “dream”, showing wings at each end of the word. Dreaming has always been an important part of my life and of most creative people’s processes. So let’s take a look at that word and be sure we understand it. Continue reading “March Word of the Month”

Goals and Reasons

As I look at things you should provide for your characters, even if these things never come up in the story itself, one of the most important – two! Two of the most important things are a goal and a reason. For instance, my goal in the last year was to find a dog that met certain criteria of size, breed, and age. The reasons for this included that I am home alone frequently, and a dog is good companion, and that walking a dog is a priority and will help me with weight issues. Continue reading “Goals and Reasons”