Lost in the Publishing

Stephen King is quoted as saying his first published work went into a fanzine (my experiences with fanzines were in the Star Trek universe). The publisher gave it a title, In a Half-World of Terror, but Mr. King preferred the title he gave it; I Was a Teen-Age Graverobber. To quote the author, Super duper! Pow! Continue reading “Lost in the Publishing”

Part One of My Notes from a Recap of RWA National 2018

Every year, my local chapter of Romance Writers of America has a potluck meeting and those who were able to attend can share what they learned with those of us who could not attend. I try to make notes about the important things but sometimes I get sidetracked. Like by Sara who is a twin and a mother of twins! Teenagers, even. And the anthology Fae Worlds, written by some of my friends in the chapter. And by the delicious food set out for the chapter. Mmmm. Continue reading “Part One of My Notes from a Recap of RWA National 2018”

Rejections Bring You One Step Closer to Acceptance

My long story about my novel, Crazy for Trying, began at NaNoWriMo 2017. I managed to write 50,000 words in 30 days amid holiday celebrations, putting on a literary event, becoming so sick I wanted to be anesthetized, and because I am retired, not getting any sick days. In other words, I still have to take care of the pets, plan dinner if not cook it, shop, do laundry, and try to write. How I managed it was to write needless prologs and epilogs to get my word count up there without having to brain very much.

072717 grateful

Continue reading “Rejections Bring You One Step Closer to Acceptance”

California Deamin’ 2017 Writers Conference Part 6

The State of the Industry by HelenKay Simon and Shauna Summers

HelenKay (https://helenkaydimon.com/) is not only an author of many books but also serves on the board for RWA National. Shauna Summers is a publisher of many romance books. They delivered the information from the publisher’s side first, then the author’s side. Then they will take questions. Continue reading “California Deamin’ 2017 Writers Conference Part 6”