Romantic Fruit

To clarify from the start, I am talking about actual, grown fruit. And I am not talking about a banana with two kiwi fruits because that’s not romantic in the least. I’m talking about fruit that can be a shared romantic experience. Something my couple in the sequel to the WIP could be eating while on a cruise ship. Continue reading “Romantic Fruit”

Directed By

If you read my Tweet What You Read blogs, you know I have been watching a lot of movies lately. It’s not surprising that I began to imagine my Work in Progress as it would be under different directors. Along with wondering who they would cast as the leading, this can keep me busy for days. NOTE: I sincerely apologize to anyone offended by my imagined films below. Please do let me know what offends you in the comments, so that I can learn from my mistakes. Continue reading “Directed By”

Thoughts About Being Fat

The first thing I want to do is encourage you, if you grew up fat like me, especially if you are a woman, to go buy Kristin Higgins’ book, Good Luck with That. This is the story of 3 young women who met at a summer camp for fatties and stayed in touch through the years. This book will make you cry, laugh, remember the pain of the past, and be glad you are past that now. If you are not, you should seriously get some counseling. Continue reading “Thoughts About Being Fat”

Random Writer Thoughts

Writing is in my blood and my heart, right next to loving parrots and finches and wanting to be Susie Homemaker. And gardening. And my dog. I’ve always had issues with focus, in my work life and my social life. I still belong to too many groups and of course, I volunteer too much. Will I ever get my book published? Continue reading “Random Writer Thoughts”

October Word of the Month — Convenient

Recently, a dear person who took something I posted on Facebook as a personal insult told me I only pay attention to things when it’s convenient for me. Because when she told me, F— you, my son jumped in to defend me, not knowing anything about the woman’s situation. By the time I became aware of it, this usually sweet person had come apart at the seams. I was doing my daily posts on my author pages and working on my book. I guess my Facebook feed should have been my top priority. Continue reading “October Word of the Month — Convenient”

September Tweet What You Read

Thanks to my favorite Regency Romance author and my favorite husband, I have read a lot of romance over the last few months. And thanks to my science fiction and fantasy book club, I read some things I would not have picked up otherwise. There has been a dearth of movies, however, so there’s that. And not that many books, all told. Let’s get to it. Continue reading “September Tweet What You Read”

If You See Something

Sunday’s blog was a recap of half of the notes I had from our speaker, Jack Davidson, retired police officer and manager of his own security company. One thing that Jack did while visiting us was to leave a backpack by the door to the room. No one in the Romance Writers of America, San Diego group thought anything of it. We were chastised very playfully for letting that slip by. I shared one of the incidents I have been involved in where someone saw something and said something and now I want to share both the incidents that call to mind. Continue reading “If You See Something”

Meandering Mind

I’m sitting in a hot tub at my fitness center, tired from walking in the morning then swimming here. The pool was chilly, but the spa is warm and full of salt water. I just about drift off to sleep when my mind thinks, Throw in some onions, carrots, celery, and potatoes, and I’ll be done in half an hour. I just don’t think there’s much call for Demi Soup. Continue reading “Meandering Mind”